Children Law Seminar Eastbourne – 10th July 2018 at 3-6pm.

On 10th July 2018 I will be co-presenting a private Children Law seminar in Eastbourne with my colleagues Gayle Ashley and Kevin Jackson.

I will be presenting a case law update, which will comprehensively review the review of a range of recent important judgments in private law children cases over the last approximately 18 months.

The topics covered will be:

  • Intractable contact disputes
  • Dissemination of information in private law proceedings
  • Temporary leave to remove from the jurisdiction
  • Permanent leave to remove from the jurisdiction
  • Orders for no contact
  • Fact finding hearings
  • Change of name
  • The ‘psychological parent’
  • Hair strand testing
  • Covert recordings

There are some really significant and interesting cases included and I hope it will provide a useful summary of the recent developments in all of these areas. I hope you will be able to join us.

Gayle Ashley will be taking us through the procedure and case law for S.91(14) CA 1989 Barring Orders, which I know will not only be an invaluable and comprehensive guide as ever from Gayle, but will no doubt prove extremely useful to us in our respective practices.

Last but certainly not least, Kevin Jackson will be helping us to understand that difficult (and often disputed) area that we all need to grapple with in many of our cases of interpreting drug test results and explaining the recent developments, in his presentation on Interpreting Hair Strand Test Results.

To book a place please email