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Becket Chambers offers expert advice and representation in all areas of Contract Law. Our Barristers have particular experience of resolving disputes through litigation, arbitration or alternative dispute solving procedures.

Equally important is the role we play in advising our clients so that they avoid disputes in the first place. If you are concerned about a potential dispute arising, we can help you prevent it from happening through careful planning, drafting and specialist advice.

We recognise the importance of providing value to our clients and our Clerks will gladly discuss fees in advance of instructions.

Areas of specialisation include:

  • Building Disputes – acting and advising in, for example, construction or conveyancing disputes, rent and lease renewals and dilapidations
  • Breach of Contract – for example non-payment of fees, termination of contract or claims resulting from defective work
  • Fraud – we can advise and act on a number of matters relating to both civil and corporate fraud, in particular those issues relating to the 2007 Money Laundering Regulations. Fraud issues can overlap both civil and criminal investigations and our barristers’ experience spans all areas of practice
  • Misrepresentation – where false or fraudulent claims have been made whether negligently or not
  • Specific Performance – achieving remedies to issues of contract law, for example ensuring appropriate damages are awarded, or challenging levels of damages

Case Studies

Securing payment of unpaid invoices and additional fees

Sophie was instructed by a Claimant in a claim against a Defendant estate agent in a dispute arising out of unpaid invoices. The Claimant had provided software to the Defendant estate agent for approximately two years, which enabled the estate agent to manage properties on behalf of third-party landlords. Following two months of non-payment by Continue reading

Costs awarded to a Defendant

In this interesting case Rachel was instructed on behalf of a vulnerable Defendant with longstanding mental health difficulties who had been sued by an established nationwide Estate Agency company. The Claimant company’s claim was brought on the basis that the Defendant had entered into an agreement with the Estate Agency to sell her house and Continue reading

Representing a Client in Multi-Track Business Dispute

Rachel was instructed to represent the Defendant in a multi-track claim arising out of the dissolution of a company previously run by the parties. Rachel represented her client at a lengthy application hearing, successfully opposing the Claimant’s attempts to persuade the Judge to force the Defendant to prepare and provide a Scott Schedule. Rachel’s instructing Continue reading

Securing payment and damages for a sub-contractor

Dean represented a building company in a contract dispute regarding the development of two houses on a piece of land. His client was a sub-contractor employed by a company to carry out various building works within the development. The work the client was required to carry out turned out to be far more significant than Continue reading

Commercial Articles

A variation to the law of variations: The Supreme Court gives judgment in Rock Advertising Ltd v MWB Business Exchange Centres Ltd

Summary: In a case of potential relevance to anyone entering into a written contract, the Supreme Court has recently held that oral variations to such a contract may well be invalid. The case has wide reaching implications and changes the approach previously adopted by the courts. In its Judgment in Rock Advertising Ltd v MWB Continue reading

Angry Letters: What’s The Fuss?

In all litigation, any correspondence can be read in (at least) two ways. One of them is often “angry or aggressive”. As a barrister of some little experience, I have, by my own estimate, read several hundred thousand letters between parties and/ or solicitors. These range from amicable and collaborative at one end, through to Continue reading

Part 36: The New Regime

Following the recent series of seminars in civil law, I have reduced my presentation to this short article. A number of the Part 36 offers I see are not valid. Regardless of the seniority of lawyer, or the experience of the individual drafting the offer, there are a number of potential pitfalls. The new Part Continue reading

Partnership – To Be Or Not To Be?

Forming a partnership is an act achievable by anyone. Seasoned commercial veterans may enter into lengthy negotiations to determine their specific aims and roles within the partnership, or two friends having a drink in a bar may decide they have come up with a great idea and want to put it into action. The only Continue reading

Interpretation of Commercial Contracts: Beware

Much of my commercial work relates to the interpretation of contract clauses. I am, in almost every case, asked how the court will interpret clause X. Over the years the courts have changed how they view commercial contracts. In Arnold v Britton [2015] 2 WLR 1593 the Supreme Court has, it would seem, reverted to Continue reading

Commercial Testimonials

… thank you for the excellent work….


Mr H from Instructing Solicitors – December 17

“The client rang later to say he was very pleased with how you dealt with the case, and they’d learned a lot from you”

Ms M from Solicitors instructing Rachel Baker – March 17

“We also wanted to say that Lavinia was brilliant on the day and we had full confidence in her from the moment we met.”

Mr N from Solicitors instructing Lavinia Glover – February 17

“…Please thank Dean so much as the outcome was exactly what I asked for and I am extremely relieved.  I would not hesitate to refer him in the future…”

Mrs C instructing Dean Thistle through the DPA scheme – October 16

“…Many thanks for your help. You have been very helpful and professional. Once again please extend my thanks to Mr Thistle and regards to Mr Thistle; his help was really appreciated…”

Mr O instructing Dean Thistle through the DPA scheme – October 16

“…We just wanted to thank you for representing us. To reduce a £20 million claim down to £25,000 is quite an achievement. You were an incredible negotiator, and seemed to terrify your opponent! It feels like the weight of the world has been lifted, and we can finally move on. Thanks for everything…”

Mrs H instructing John Nee through Solicitors – July 16

“….Please can you pass on our grateful thanks to Mr Thistle for yesterday, we were in absolute shock and delight with the outcome it’s been an extremely stressful time…. Mr Thistle was absolutely fantastic and would have no hesitation in recommending him…”

Mrs S instructing Dean Thistle through the DPA scheme – May 2016

“…I was exceptionally happy with the service provided…”

Mr P instructing Dean Thistle through the DPA scheme – May 2016

“…We would like to thank Counsel for all her hard work in this matter, we know the client was very pleased with the outcome…”

Mr M from Solicitors instructing Sophie Gray – May 16

“….Please can you please pass on my big thanks for a superb effort  today by Ed in my Fast Track case in the Canterbury County Court….in all my dealings with him, he dealt with the matter in a thoroughly calm and professional matter….well done Ed in obtaining a superb result for my client….”

Mr P instructing Edward Kenny through Solicitors – April 15

“….we wanted to say a massive thank you for all of your help, assistance and guidance throughout the process….”

Mrs C instructing Melanie McIntosh through the DPA scheme – March 15

“….A big thank you to Dean Thistle for an absolutely cracking result on the case he took care of for me this morning. A+!….”

Mr D from a firm of Solicitors instructing Dean Thistle – October 14