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Environmental Law covers matters such as food hygiene, waste disposal (particularly relating to controlled waste), habitat and species protection, air quality, pollution and contamination. Becket Chambers represents local authorities, government agencies, private companies and individuals in prosecutions in Magistrates and Crown Courts. We also work in an advisory capacity.

Environmental Barristers

Case Studies

Successfully prosecuting multiple counts of fly-tipping

Paul successfully prosecuted a defendant charged with eight counts of fly-tipping in the Elmbridge district over the period of a year, in a case involving CCTV and telephone evidence. The Defendant was sent to prison for 44 weeks and ordered to pay the Council’s costs.

Depositing controlled waste without a licence

Dean prosecuted a multi-day trial on behalf of a local authority in the Crown Court, in which it was alleged the defendant had knowingly caused the depositing of controlled waste without a licence on the basis that he had been the owner of the vehicle used when the waste was deposited.