Dean Thistle's Children - Private Law (CAP) Cases

Contact dispute involving fabricated allegations of sexual abuse

Dean acted for father applying for contact with his children. The children’s mother alleged that the father had subjected her to multiple rapes, and had sexually abused the children. A fact finding hearing, involving Dean’s expert cross-examination, concluded that the allegations were unfounded. Contact was allowed between Dean’s client and the children.

Contact dispute involving allegations of sexual abuse

Dean acted for the mother in an application by the father for contact with the parties’ children. The mother objected to contact taking place on the grounds that she alleged that the father had sexually abused the children. Dean’s client was intimidated by the domineering father and required reassurance and support. A series of adjournments Continue reading

Contact dispute involving a known sex-offender

Dean acted for the father in a contact dispute where the child’s mother was seeking unsupervised contact. The child lived with Dean’s client, who wished to deny unsupervised contact owing to the mother’s boyfriend being a convicted child sex offender. Dean’s client was successful – the mother’s application for unsupervised contact was refused and she Continue reading

Refuting allegations of neglect by a mother

Dean acted for a mother throughout proceedings in a residence dispute where the father alleged that she was neglectful and did not care for the child appropriately. Dean’s client’s counter-allegations were that the father sought to alienate the child against her, causing the child to prefer to live with the father and his male partner. Continue reading

Occupation order protecting a young mother and child

Dean acted for a young mother within proceedings relating to her children as well as in an application for an occupation order of her council property. His client had been subjected to domestic violence, and the successful outcome enabled her to remain in the property with her young child whilst her partner was forced to Continue reading

Child arrangement order

Dean appeared in the Court of Appeal in a case where the father was accused of removing the child from the care of the mother. The lower court had previously ordered that the child be returned to the care of the mother. However, the child threatened to kill herself were this to happen and ultimately Continue reading