Lavinia Glover's Property & Land Law Cases

Representing a landlord

Lavinia represented a Claimant who was the landlord of a property which was being managed by a letting agency. Although the tenant had rented the property for a number of years, the Claimant had only recently become landlord. Based on rent arrears, a section 8 notice was served on the tenant, to enable the Claimant Continue reading

Reclaiming a property on behalf of a Local Authority

Lavinia represented the Local Authority in their claim for possession of a property. The property was originally let to Mr and Mrs X. Upon Mr X’s death, Mrs X succeeded to the tenancy. Mrs X subsequently died, leaving her son, the Defendant, in the property. The Defendant claimed that, due to disability and the amount Continue reading

Representing a landlord in a complex trespass case

Lavinia represented the landlord in a hearing for an Interim Possession Order against persons unknown. Multiple people had trespassed onto land and a building belonging to the Claimant. At the hearing the District Judge queried whether service was effective under CPR 55.6. Lavinia argued that whilst the documents had not been placed on a main Continue reading

Arguing effective service against trespassers

Lavinia acted for a claimant Council who were claiming possession of an area of land that had been occupied by trespassers. The trespassers claimed they had an implied licence in that an unknown person had given them an implied or expressed licence to be there. The Defendant also argued that service had not been effective Continue reading

Acting on behalf of a tenant arguing an s21 notice

Lavinia represented a tenant in a case involving argument over the return of a deposit and whether an s21 notice had been correctly served. Her client’s argument was that their landlord had failed to give them the prescribed information relating to their deposit. Therefore the landlord could not serve an s21 notice unless they paid Continue reading

Gaining a possession order for a landlord

Lavinia successfully represented a landlord in regaining possession of their property, which was a HMO. The tenant was represented, and their argument was that a valid s21 notice could not be served, as the landlord had not provided them with the prescribed information. The tenant’s main argument stemmed from whether it was sufficient to post Continue reading

A successful resolution to a property possession claim

Lavinia represented the landlord (the Claimant) in a defended possession claim. The landlord was seeking possession through the accelerated possession procedure. The tenant claimed that the prescribed information-under The Assured Shorthold Tenancy Notices and Prescribed Requirements (England) Regulations 2015- had not been provided, and that therefore no valid s21 could be served. The issue was Continue reading

Obtaining possession of a property

Lavinia was successful in the possession of a local authority property. The tenant had an introductory tenancy and had fallen in rent arrears. The tenant attended the hearing and asked the Judge to exercise discretion in possession by adjourning with leave to restore. They had reduced arrears by making a payment. Lavinia made successful submissions Continue reading