Marie Crawford's Children - Private Law (CAP) Cases

Protecting a Mother and children from abusive husband

Marie represented a Mother of young children who was applying for an Occupation Order to have her husband removed and excluded from their jointly owned property. He was addicted to drugs and alcohol and being threatening and abusive, which was also putting the children at risk of significant harm. At the First Directions Appointment it Continue reading

Protecting a Mother and child from an arranged marriage

Marie represented a Mother, a foreign national who had come to the UK with her husband, who was also a foreign national but had a British passport, after an arranged marriage. During their short marriage he had been physically, verbally and emotionally abusive and coercive and controlling. For financial reasons, he sent her and their Continue reading

Supporting a Father’s shared care application

Marie represented the Father in an application for shared care of his children. Her client had maintained a high level of contact since separation from the Mother, but she had started to prevent contact and change the arrangements. He therefore made an application to put an order in place, and also sought to increase the Continue reading

Working with expert evidence in non-UK law

Marie represented a Father who was born outside the EU but is now a British Citizen. He was married to a British woman and they have two young children, but have since separated. During the proceedings a Child Arrangements Order was obtained for the Father to spend time with the children, including during holidays, but Continue reading

Court order for child to live with Father

Marie represented a Father of a young child, who had separated from the Mother in circumstances where she was struggling with substance misuse and mental health issues. Marie made a successful application for an interim Child Arrangements Order for the child to live with the Father, and to have contact (supervised by a family member) Continue reading

Working effectively with a children’s Guardian

Marie represented children via their rule 16.4 Guardian in a case with an acrimonious history between the parents. In addition, the Father had mental health issues, which were being well-managed with medication and a treatment plan with mental health services. Marie worked effectively alongside the assistance and expertise of the Guardian, and the parties were able Continue reading

Application for non-molestation order

Marie successfully represented the Mother in an application for a non-molestation injunction. She also agreed contact with her client’s ex-partner in relation to the children, as he issued an application for a child arrangements order and the hearing is listed for a FHDRA in due course. A third party will do the handover and the Continue reading

Supporting a Mother injured by a Father

Marie represented the Mother of three young children in a case where, for some time since separation, the Father’s behaviour at contact handovers had got progressively worse. She had already called the police on a number of occasions as a result of his aggressive behaviour, and this culminated in physical assault after which she needed Continue reading

Representing a Mother in Child Arrangements Order

Marie represented the Mother in an application by her ex-partner for a child arrangements order in respect of their two young children. There was no contact ordered because of concerns about the Father’s alcohol issues. The court was also concerned to learn that he was involved in care proceedings in respect of another non-subject child, Continue reading

Representing a Mother who has suspended contact

Marie represented a Mother who had agreed contact through mediation, but following difficulties with the Father’s behaviour, had obtained a Non Molestation Injunction against him. Contact was then agreed but there were further issues with the Father’s violent behaviour and Marie’s client stopped contact. The Father made an application to enforce, but because there had Continue reading

Protecting a Mother and child from abuse

Marie represented a Mother in a child arrangements application by the Father where there had been a background of emotional and psychological abuse. The Mother’s application for a non-molestation order had already been dealt with. Interim arrangements were agreed and the case was listed for a final hearing.

Restoring a Father’s contact with his baby

Marie represented a Father who had been having contact with his very young baby for five months after he and his partner separated. However, when he started a new relationship the Mother became difficult about contact. The Mother made allegations of abuse and threats at handover, which he denied, and contact stopped. The Mother obtained Continue reading

Keeping a child near to a Father

Marie represented a Father in a case where he had been sharing care of his young child with the Mother after separation. However, there was then a dispute about an incident between the parents and the Police were called. The Mother alleged domestic violence, which was disputed by the Father, and all contact stopped. The Continue reading

Varying a Child Arrangements Order

Marie represented a Mother who had a Child Arrangements Order which she and her ex-husband had made by consent in respect of their two children. This dated back several years. Their arrangements had since evolved, and Marie’s client sought to vary the order to reflect this. However, the Father refused to agree to the changes Continue reading

Representing very young children in a case of neglect

Marie represented two very young children in an application made by the Local Authority for Care Orders. The children were found in circumstances of very poor home conditions and neglect and removed from the home by the Police. Subsequent interim care orders were made at court and the children were removed to foster care, with Continue reading

Re-establishing contact with an alienated Father

Marie represented a Father who had separated with his wife when their child was one year old. Although contact with the child had progressed for nearly a year, the Mother then refused contact and made allegations that domestic abuse had occurred during the relationship. She also moved home and could not be located for almost Continue reading

Seeking a Child Arrangements Order for a stepchild

Marie represented a step-mother who had applied for a Child Arrangements Order in order to see her stepchild. She was the child’s primary carer for several years and, unusually, had a Parental Responsibility agreement in relation to the child, which enabled her to make the application without leave. Marie’s client ended her relationship with her Continue reading

Reuniting an alienated child with a Father

Marie acted for a Father in a case where he had not seen his child for two years because the Mother repeatedly breached court orders and alienated the child against him. Particularly distressing to Marie’s client was that the Mother had actually told the child the Father had died. The Local Authority commenced care proceedings Continue reading

Negotiating an agreement to avoid court costs

Melanie represented the Applicant and 1st Respondent in private law adoption proceedings. The application was initially contested and set down for a two-day final hearing. Ultimately, the opposition to the application was withdrawn. By working effectively together with her clients and the other parties, Melanie was able to help them to achieve an agreed Consent Continue reading

Negotiating a settlement and avoiding final hearing costs

Marie represented the Mother of an autistic child who was causing physical harm both to her and to a younger sibling. In additional, there were issues of high hostility between the parents and potential parental alienation issues. Marie brought her calm and reassuring approach to this difficult and emotive family situation. When she was instructed Continue reading

Recovery Order returning a child after abduction

Marie acted for a Mother who had a child arrangements order made a few years ago, stating that the child should live with her and see the Father every other weekend. After a weekend contact the Father had retained the child, and refused to return them. An urgent application was successfully made for immediate return Continue reading

Helping a Mother suspend contact with a violent Father

Marie represented a Mother who had previously agreed contact through Mediation. When there were difficulties with the Father’s behaviour she obtained a Non Molestation Injunction against him. Contact was then agreed but there were further issues with his violent behaviour and she stopped contact. The Father made an application to enforce contact but because there Continue reading

Achieving leave to apply for child adoption

Marie represented a couple in their application to adopt a child who was placed with them after care proceedings under a Special Guardianship Order. The child’s parents could not care for the child because of ongoing mental health issues. Marie’s sensitive approach to complex family dynamics was particularly helpful in this case, as the adopting Continue reading

Working with a Guardian to reach agreement for contact

Marie represented the children via their rule 16.4 Guardian in a case with an acrimonious history between the parents and mental health issues with the Father. Marie worked collaboratively with the Guardian, and with the combination of Marie’s knowledge and the Guardian’s assistance and expertise the parties were able to reach an agreement for contact Continue reading

Representing a vulnerable Mother and children

Marie represented a Mother of two young children who went to a refuge to escape domestic abuse towards her and the children. Marie’s sensitive and tactful approach enabled her to support her client when the Father made an application to see the children. The Court ordered that there would be no contact until after a Continue reading

Working with a Guardian in the interests of the children

Through their Guardian, Marie represented the children in a long-term dispute about where they should live. The Guardian had been appointed as a result of the degree of conflict between the parents, which professionals considered was causing the children emotional harm. Working with Marie’s guidance, the Guardian recommended a shared care order, so that no Continue reading

Representation while an ex-partner tackles issues

Marie represented a mother of two young children, who had separated from the father as a result of his domestic violence and drug and alcohol abuse. The mother had not stopped the children’s contact with their father after the separation, and was facilitating contact for the short periods of time deemed safe. Marie advised her Continue reading

Supervised contact until a father is drug-free

Marie represented a young mother who had ended her relationship with the father of the child after domestic violence and drug abuse. The father was convicted in the criminal court of domestic violence and ordered to complete the Building Better Relationships 6-month domestic violence programme. Marie helped her client to ensure that the father’s contact Continue reading

Protecting a mother but enabling contact

Marie represented a father who had separated from the child’s mother over 1 year earlier, and was still being limited to 2 hours contact per week. Over that year he had undertaken mediation and instructed Solicitors to correspond with the mother, yet there were still major difficulties in him seeing his child. There were no Continue reading

Maintaining a supervised contact order

Marie acted for a young mother where there were numerous safeguarding concerns regarding the father of the child. These related to his wider family, and included Children’s Services involvement. The court did not allow him unsupervised contact with Marie’s client’s child. The father refused to co-operate with the CAFCASS safeguarding checks or engage in the Continue reading

Limiting contact following domestic violence

Marie represented a Mother in contact proceedings. Marie’s client alleged serious domestic violence against her former partner, and there had also been criminal proceedings for serious offences, which had unfortunately not resulted in a conviction. Despite the lack of a criminal conviction, following Marie’s representing during a fact finding hearing in the family court, findings Continue reading

Supporting a Father in appealing against allegations

Marie represented a Father in an appeal where allegations had been made against him by the Mother, but he in turn alleged that these were fabricated. Marie was able to support her client through the process of appeal, and successfully appealed findings of fact and a non-molestation injunction made by the Tier 1 Family Court. Continue reading

Resolving contact disagreements at final hearing

Marie represented a Father of an autistic child who was having difficulties agreeing contact with the Mother. Her client had previously represented himself throughout the proceedings and was struggling to achieve the contact he wanted. He then instructed a Solicitor and Marie for the final hearing. Marie’s representation and advice on this sensitive case enabled Continue reading

Successful Appeal of Final Child Arrangements Order

Marie successfully acted for a Mother to appeal a final order of a District Judge. In addition to retaining the couple’s children after holiday contact, the Father had made very serious false allegations against the Mother, none of which were considered proved by the Court (nor had the authorities considered them to be of any Continue reading

Fact Finding – Acting for a mother

Marie acted for a mother in an application for a Child Arrangements Order by the father for contact with the child. A non-molestation injunction had been granted in separate proceedings, due to allegations of the father’s violence. The father had subsequently breached the order on numerous occasions, which had been dealt with in the criminal Continue reading

Grandparents with Residence Order

Marie represented grandparents in a case where they had a Residence Order and the child had lived with them for a number of years. An SGO was granted despite opposition from one of the parents.

Removing parental responsibility and changing names

Marie represented a mother in an application to prohibit any contact between her ex-husband and their children after he committed serious violent and sexual assaults against her and was imprisoned after a lengthy trial. This emotive and sensitive case also included the very unusual application to remove the father’s Parental Responsibility and change the children’s Continue reading

Grandparents with residence order

Marie represented paternal grandparents who have a residence order in respect of their grandchild. A contact application had been made by the maternal grandmother for unsupervised contact to include holidays abroad. Marie’s clients had very serious concerns about the maternal grandmother’s care of the child, which arose from previous agreed contact. There were also concerns Continue reading

Non-Hague Convention case

Marie represented a mother in an application to prevent her former partner from removing their child to South America, which was where the father had grown up and still had family ties. A prohibited steps order was made. This was particularly important, as it is a non-Hague Convention country.

Resisting an application for a Specific Issue Order

Marie represented a mother resisting an application for a Specific Issue Order for the father to take very young children on holidays abroad. After a two-day hearing the application was refused and the father was told to re-apply after a minimum of three years.

Removal from jurisdiction

Marie acted for a mother in an application to remove a child from the jurisdiction to Portugal. The proceedings were going well. However, the plans were put on hold by agreement before the final hearing after the mother decided to wait and firm up practical arrangements and re-issue an application at a later date.

Acting for a father

Marie acted for a father in a case of implacable hostility, where repeated unfounded allegations were made. The father was having contact with his child, but the mother was seeking to bring it to an end – alleging harm to the child. A Guardian was appointed for the child and contact eventually progressed by agreement.

Representing a mother

Marie acted for a mother in an application for a child arrangements order that the child live with her. The father made numerous allegations about the mother’s care of the child, but, following a two-day hearing, she was successful and an order was made that the child lives with her.

Contesting contact

Marie represented a mother in a contact application made by father where there had been very serious domestic violence, which was found proved at a fact-finding hearing. The father had had no significant contact with the children as the couple had separated when the eldest child was a very young baby and before the youngest Continue reading

Transferring residence to the father

Marie initially represented a father for a contact application, but after raising a number of concerns about the mother’s care of the child and them being investigated by Children’s Services, an application to transfer residence at a contested interim hearing was successful.