Marie Crawford's Public Law Children Cases

Representing an Intervener

Marie represented an Intervener in a care case where serious allegations were made in relation to events in the past with his own children (who are not the subject of these proceedings). He accepted that some of the allegations were correct. A fact–finding hearing was listed to determine whether the Schedule of allegations made by Continue reading

Mother and baby placement

Marie represented the Guardian and child in this case where the Mother and baby are in a foster placement under a care order pending assessments. The court heard an argument between two local authorities about who was the designated authority. An Interim Care Order was made and the Mother and baby were placed together in Continue reading

Representing young children through a Guardian

Marie represented two very young children in an application made by the Local Authority for Care Orders and placement for adoption orders. The children were found in circumstances of very poor home conditions and neglect and removed from the home by the Police. Subsequently, interim care orders were made at court and the children were Continue reading

Supporting a Mother with mental health issues

Marie represented a Mother at a final hearing of a case where the child had been removed just after birth under an interim care order. Her other child had already been made the subject of a final order care order and placement for adoption just prior to this child’s birth. The Mother had a number Continue reading

Successfully opposing an Interim Care Order

Marie represented a Mother in care proceedings in relation to two children. Previous proceedings (issued because of concerns regarding serious domestic violence by the Mother’s partner) had not long concluded with a Supervision Order, and the children remained with the Mother. Further allegations were then made that the Mother was again seeing the former Partner, Continue reading

Application for non-molestation order

Marie represented the Mother of two children in a case where the care proceedings had recently finished with the court making a supervision order to the Local Authority. They had been seeking to remove the children as a result of domestic violence between the Mother and her ex-partner. The proceedings were commenced again because the Continue reading

Representing a new born baby

Marie represented a new born child in a case where the Local Authority wanted to remove the child at birth because of concerns about drug misuse and domestic violence which had previously led to an older sibling being removed. The Guardian agreed with the Local Authority’s application and care plan for the child. The court Continue reading

Returning alienated children to a Mother

Marie represented a Mother and successfully appealed a previous final order made by a District Judge. The Father had refused to return the children after holiday contact, and made very serious false allegations against the Mother to the Police and Children’s Services. Although none of these were later considered to be true by the Court Continue reading

Rare application for care by an older sibling

Marie represented an older sibling in a rare application to discharge a care and placement order by an adult sibling, in a case where the natural Mother had sadly and unexpectedly died. The child (a young baby) had been made subject to a final care order and placed for adoption a few months earlier. Marie’s Continue reading

Prohibited steps order preventing relocation

Marie represented a Father in a case where he had been sharing care of his young child with the Mother after separation. As a result of an incident between the parents, the Police were called, following which a dispute arose between the parties. The Mother alleged domestic violence, which the Marie’s client disputes, and all Continue reading

Representing children via a Guardian

Marie represents the children via their Guardian in this case, where proceedings have been on-going for some time. The parents separated acrimoniously, and there are allegations of parental alienation on both sides. The difficulties are such that the Court ordered a Guardian to represent the children under rule 16.4. The children live with their Mother Continue reading

Enabling a young father to care for his baby

Marie represented a Father in a care case where the Mother had addiction problems and the young baby had been removed as a result. Marie’s client had been previously unaware that he had a child, but paternity testing confirmed him as the Father. He then became a party to the proceedings and was assessed. Initially, Continue reading

Supporting a Mother with significant learning difficulties

Marie represented a Mother of two young children, who has significant learning difficulties to the extent that she lacks capacity to instruct lawyers herself and the Official Solicitor is her Litigation Friend. In spite of her client’s difficulties, Marie successfully prevented the Local Authority from removing the children from her care at a hearing for Continue reading

Helping a vulnerable Mother retain care of her children

Marie represented a Mother of two young children. Marie’s client had significant learning difficulties to the extent that she lacked capacity to instruct lawyers herself and the Official Solicitor is her Litigation Friend. Marie is known for her sensitive approach working with vulnerable clients. In spite of her client’s difficulties, at a hearing for an Continue reading

Protecting a mother but enabling contact

Marie acted for a mother of very young children who had suffered domestic violence. After a successful fact finding hearing where findings of domestic violence were made against the father, and after 6 months on a domestic violence perpetrators’ course, supervised contact commenced. This gradually became unsupervised contact in circumstances where Marie’s client did not Continue reading

Maintaining Contact between a Mother and children

Marie represented a Mother with substance misuse and mental health issues as a result of her poor childhood experiences. During the proceedings, Marie’s client was not able to successfully address those issues and become abstinent. As a result it was clear that she was unable to care for the children safely. Marie’s sensitive and supportive Continue reading

Contact orders complicated by custodial sentence

Marie represented the mother in a contact application by the father, who had been serving a prison sentence since the child’s birth and had drug and alcohol problems. A period of supervised contact was tried but was unsatisfactory, and proceedings lasted for two and a-half years. Testing showed that the father continued to have issues Continue reading

Supporting a father with mental health issues

Marie represented a father in care proceedings in his application for contact with his child. Her client had complex problems of drug addiction and serious mental health issues. There were also issues of domestic violence. Despite this, he was assessed positively, and Marie’s experience of working with parents struggling to cope with similar problems helped Continue reading

Special Guardianship Order for grandmother

Marie successfully represented a grandmother in an Appeal to the County Court where an Interim Care Order for removal of her grandchild was made against the parents in the Family Proceedings Court.  The child had been placed in foster care. This was overturned by the County Court, who placed the child with the grandmother. A Continue reading

Mother and baby placement

Marie represented a father in proceedings where he and the mother were jointly caring for their newborn having successfully resisted a removal at birth. The mother had had previous children removed from her care, but time had elapsed. With Marie’s help, the couple was able to convince the Court that the baby should remain in Continue reading

Securing parental contact in a foster care case

Marie acted for a father with serious mental health and addiction issues in case in the Family Proceedings Court. Although the final outcome for the children was long-term foster care, Marie was successful in securing for her client on-going long-term contact, enabling him and his children to maintain a relationship.

Supporting a teenage mother and her child

Marie represented a teenage mother in the County Court who was alleged to have inflicted a non-accidental injury on her child. The Local Authority was seeking to remove the infant from her care. With Marie’s help, the application for an interim order with removal to foster care pending the final hearing was successfully resisted. Experts Continue reading

Helping a mother regain care of children

Marie represented a mother in the County Court in a case where the concerns were about her inability to separate from a violent partner who was the father of her two young children. The Court made a final order for the children to be adopted. Marie took this case to the Court of Appeal. As Continue reading