Facilitating a positive approach to reintroducing contact

Louisa represented a Mother who had concerns about re-introducing her children to their father after contact between them had broken down some time previously amidst a number of concerns.

The CAFCASS officer’s report recommended some level 2 supervised contact to effect a re-introduction. Louisa’s supportive and sensitive approach enabled matters to be discussed at some length at Court, as well as consulting the CAFCASS officer by telephone. This approach resulted in a commitment from CAFCASS to a mid-way ‘review’ of contact; with the contact centre staff, CAFCASS officer and parents meeting to discuss progress prior to an addendum report being prepared at the end of those supervised sessions.

Given the commitment to a review process, both parents were content to adopt the CAFCASS recommendations. Louisa’s approach also facilitated the parties meting for a round table discussion at Court, where they looked at ways in which they could communicate in a more positive way to lessen any stress for the children.