Representing young children through the children’s Guardian

Marie represented two very young children in an application made by the Local Authority for Care Orders. The children were found in circumstances of very poor home conditions and neglect and removed from the home by the Police. Interim care orders were subsequently made at court, and the children were removed to foster care, with the support of their Guardian.

The case has been timetabled to a final hearing. The children will remain in foster care until the hearing, and an independent social work assessment of the Mother has concluded that she is unable to care for the children in the long term. The decision at the final hearing will be whether, in light of their young ages, they should be returned to the Mother or be placed for adoption.

The Mother has been imprisoned whilst proceedings were on-going, and has given birth to another child in prison. An application was made for the child’s removal soon after birth. The application was granted and the baby was also placed in foster care pending final hearing.