“….very happy with the way Mr Newton dealt with the case….he was amazing and brilliant and ‘A’ is very happy with the outcome….”

Mr M instructing Philip Newton through Solicitors – March 15

“….Our counsel,  Paul Tapsell, was second to none….well done and thanks for all your work on this….great result….”

Mrs M from a firm of solicitors instructing Paul Tapsell – February 15

“….I am really impressed by how professional the contact has been on the telephone, by the bravery shown by Mr Edginton taking on such a case….he grasped all the information, he made me feel less scared….I am so grateful for your help….Thank you Mr Smith and Mr Edginton….”

Mrs N instructing Ron Edginton through the DPA scheme – February 15

“….instructed John Nee through a recommendation….excellent advice given and understanding of my requirements….”

Mrs M instructing John Nee through the DPA scheme – January 15

“….Excellent in all areas….financially it was less expensive….i personally felt that because I was able to have direct contact with the barrister that communicating was easier, I felt in control of what was said and put across, essentially it was cutting out the middleman….definitely worth it….”

Mrs S instructing Louisa Adamson through the DPA scheme – November 14

“….i feel they have an exact idea of the case as my Barrister has represented me for 5 years and we have a good understanding between us….i think the service overall has been wonderful through from the Clerks to my Barrister….”

Mrs B instructing Sandria Murkin through the DPA scheme & Instructing Solicitors – 2009 – 2014

“….That is WONDERFUL news, Mr B will be thrilled…thank you so much for all your hard work….”

Mrs W from a firm of Solicitors instructing Holly Coates – October 14

“….A big thank you to Dean Thistle for an absolutely cracking result on the case he took care of for me this morning. A+!….”

Mr D from a firm of Solicitors instructing Dean Thistle – October 14

“….Thank you so much for all your hard work yesterday….I thought you were fab! ……With what may be a total deposit of £100k this is life changing…. Thank you so much. I think that [my ex husband] was right about one thing- you are the best….”

Mrs K-H instructing Christopher Wall through the DPA scheme – September 14

“….Good understanding of my requirements….the clerks were friendly and laid back….cost effective….i would always come direct….”

Mrs C instructing John Nee through the DPA scheme – September 14

“….your the client’s favourite at the moment….I am booking you as much as i can….”

Mrs P from a firm of Solicitors instructing John Nee – August 14

“….im sure he will be a QC one day and has a very big future ahead of him. To anyone who might consider using him, John is a seriously impressive barrister who fills you with confidence from the second you meet him….if he charged twice as much as he does he would still be worth every penny….”

Mr O instructing John Nee through the DPA scheme – August 14

“….exemplary knowledge….i cannot praise his knowledge and support enough….i would not have succeeded without him….Mr Kenny is a pure pedigree amongst barristers and i cannot praise him enough….highly recommended….”

Mrs P instructing Edward Kenny through the DPA scheme – June 14

“….Thank you for being my voice in court and doing such a wonderful job….i feel truly blessed to have had the benfit of your experience and knowledge which has made a big difference to the lives of me and my son”

Mrs W instructing Sandria Murkin through Instructing Solicitors – May 14

“….I was impressed that Counsel, Holly Coates was very approachable….again i was impressed as this was the first time my firm has used Chambers and i have recommended your services to my colleagues….”

Mr S from a firm of Solicitors instructing Holly Coates -April 14

“….the benefit of instructing a barrister was far less hassle and it kept the costs down….value for money….i was very happy with all the dealings i had with Becket Chambers from start to finish….”

Mrs R instructing Paul Tapsell through the DPA scheme – April 14

“….Thank you to Clive Styles for his help today and the clerks for arranging things so quickly for me, great service and using Direct Access very affordable….”

Mrs S instructing Clive Styles through the DPA scheme – April 14

“….my spirits and confidence rose as i realised i was in good hands….it was the best outcome for which i could possibly have dared wish….and for that i can only express my heartfelt gratitude….”

Mr B insructing Philip Newton through Instructing Solicitors – February 14

“….from start to finish i found you to be completely professional….whilst in court your expertise and experience really shone through….i could never have gone to court without you….you were most certainly worth every penny….”

Mrs S instructing Louisa Adamson through the DPA scheme – February 14

“….a prompt, courteous service from the Clerks and Miss McIntosh throughout. The Clerks were well mannered, presentable and knowledgeable as was Miss McIntosh….the location of Becket Chambers’ office was very convenient with good modern office facilities….”

Mrs S instructing Melanie McIntosh through the DPA scheme – February 2014

“….my Barrister was superb. Couldn’t have been any better….you have a top team….felt completely on my own until i found Chambers….Mr Thistle is outstanding and helped me every step of the way….i feel i couldn’t have had any better outcome if i had paid a vast amount more….”

Mrs B instructing Dean Thistle through the DPA scheme – February 2014

“….Corey was wonderful. He constantly reassured me throughout the process…..your service is fantastic….”

Mrs S instructing Corey Mills through Instructing Solicitors – January 2014


“…. The whole process of using your company was faultless…..my initial contact was through Arron Smith, who’s service was outstanding from start to finish….”

Mr L instructing Mr Thistle & Mr Tapsell through the DPA Scheme – January 2014

“….The service from both our Barrister and the Clerks was not only excellent but pleasant also….”

Mr C & Mrs K instructing Paul Tapsell through the DPA scheme – Nov 11 to Jan 14

“….Excellent advice given….value for money….helpful team”

Mr G instructing Paul Tapsell through the DPA scheme – January 14