Blog: Family Law: Court Bundles – A Warning

In the Law Society Gazette 22nd June 2015, an article was written at page 20 on the current position for court bundles.

It is ESSENTIAL reading for solicitors and litigants in person preparing bundles for court.

In brief summary, the current position is thus:

  1. There is no concept of a single core bundle with supporting bundles in PD27A.
  2. There should just be ONE bundle limited to 350 pages.
  3. PD27A 5.1 declares: “unless the court has specifically directed otherwise… the (my emphasis)bundle shall be contained in one A4 size ring binder or lever arch file limited to no more than 350 sheets of A4 paper and 350 sides of text.”
    1. This means one cannot squeeze extra material into the bundle by printing on both sides of the paper – one side only please.
    2. PD27A applies to interim AND final hearings.
    3. Courts are being encouraged to refuse ‘extra’ bundles, and to penalise those who breach PD27A by way of costs.

Although this can, on one hand, put extra pressure on preparations from court, it will serve to focus the minds of the parties as to what really is necessary.

It will become more important to discuss with clients whether or not they really do want to argue in court about £100 spent on a leisure weekend eight years ago. Particularly if the evidence of this amounts to 11 pages of emails.

Provided that papers are sent early enough, barristers can assist in deciding exactly what should be in a bundle. Please email for more information.