Life as a Pupil Barrister

I could not have been provided with a better start to pupillage. I was immediately thrust into the work of a first-six pupil, shadowing members of Chambers in conferences and in court, drafting documents from attendance notes to advices, conducting legal research and considering case files.

I have already been able to observe a variety of civil matters. Highlights have included advice regarding a trust established through a property charge, a highly contested right of way dispute and a condemnation appeal which involved 5 appellants and 3 interpreters. I have also been able to observe family hearings, including proceedings for adoption outside of the jurisdiction, care hearings and private law matters.

In Chambers, I have been given the opportunity to draft advices on matters involving questions of property, planning and contract law and have undertaken legal research on areas like the qualification of tenants for collective enfranchisement. Becket Chambers is a common law set that has a large range of specialisms, and I am sure that my experience will continue to be varied and interesting over the coming months.

For me a stand out feature has been how approachable and friendly every member of Becket Chambers is. Everyone takes the time to give me advice, share their experiences and help me learn. Due to their efforts, I feel comfortable and at home in Chambers, something which has made what can be a stressful and intense process far more enjoyable.

My Inn of Court, Inner Temple, has also held a number of advocacy training sessions over the first few months which I have attended. These have given me the opportunity to test my abilities against my peers and strengthen my skillset before the start of my second six. This training culminates in a mock trial at the High Court in London.

Pupillage is a unique experience, comparable only, in a loose sense, to a mini-pupillage, it is certainly nothing like any job I have previously had. I find myself learning something new every day, which is thrilling, and I have not yet encountered a single moment of boredom. As I say above, I could not have had a better start.