Coronavirus: Separated Family and Contact with Children in Care FAQs (UK)

Family practitioners may wish to be aware of a Government briefing paper which seeks to address some key frequently asked questions concerning the impact of the coronavirus outbreak on separated families, contact with children, and child maintenance arrangements.

The briefing paper provides links to relevant government guidance and to regulations and legislation, refers to the President of the Family Division’s Coronavirus Guidance on Compliance with Family Court Child Arrangements Orders, and considers relevant questions raised in parliament. The document is both succinct and informative.

The key questions discussed in the paper are as follows:

(a) Can children move between the homes of separated parents?
(b) Rules regarding children who are required to self-isolate.
(c) Children who are self-isolating after returning from abroad.
(d) How should parents comply with court orders for contact?
(e) How are child maintenance payments impacted?
(f) Can I visit my child in care/residential home?
(g) My child contact centre is closed: What alternatives are being made?
(h) Where can I go for help and advice?

The full report, which is periodically updated to reflect ongoing changes, can be downloaded via the following link: