Funded pupillage at Becket Chambers

A pupillage at Becket Chambers will help you to develop the skills and knowledge you need to begin your career as a practising barrister. Many chambers take on several pupils at a time, giving you no guarantee of a tenancy at the end. At Becket Chambers, we only take on one pupil at a time, when we have identified a need for a new tenant. So we expect, on the successful completion of your year, to be in a position to offer you a tenancy.

In the last five years all of our pupils have been offered tenancy, and all have accepted.

Our pupillage award is fully funded in accordance with Bar Standards Board funding requirements. We offer a £15,728 pupillage award, which means that you will receive £7,864 in your first six, and we will guarantee your earnings in the second six. We anticipate that your actual earnings will significantly exceed this figure, though.

We also fund attendance at the compulsory course which pupils are required to undertake by the Bar Standards Board.

Becket Chambers has practice groups in a broad range of areas of law across Family, Crime, Civil and Local Government. See which areas of law we practise here. So, unlike in other chambers where you might only work in a specific area, as a pupil here you will have the opportunity to, and be expected to work across the spectrum. This valuable experience will give you the broad base of experience you need to begin your tenancy, and help you to identify which areas you may wish to specialise in later on.

“During my first six as a pupil with Becket Chambers, I was given the opportunity to draft work for my supervisor and other members of Chambers. This gave me a good grounding for my second six, and invaluable drafting experience. The members of Chambers are friendly, hardworking and determined, and their approachability and willingness to lend a hand offered me reassurance during the daunting pupillage months.” Lavinia Glover

What a Becket Chambers pupillage includes

Pupillage at Becket Chambers is practical and rewarding. During your first six, you will shadow our experienced barristers in all areas of law, gaining an understanding of their daily professional lives.

Our pupils particularly benefit from extensive time spent attending court, with their pupil supervisor and other members of Chambers, from the outset of their pupillage. You will have the opportunity to attend conferences and hearings in Kent and Sussex, operating from our main chambers in Canterbury, as well as from our Eastbourne annex.

During your second six, you will begin to take on your own cases, supervised and supported by your pupil supervisor, with regular feedback on your work.

You will also have the opportunity to get to know the Clerks, and start to learn about how to build a successful practice.

You will play an active part in Chambers life, which includes attending Chambers events, which may be seminars, client meetings, and any other events at our premises. As a pupil, you will also be expected to write a number of articles and case studies throughout your pupillage, which will be published on our website. This will help you to build your profile in readiness for developing your own practice as a tenant.

“Having grown up in Kent, Becket Chambers was a natural choice for me when applying for pupillage. However, when undertaking research through the pupillage application process and subsequent year-long pupillage itself, I was struck by the difference between the Chambers I had experienced in London and Becket Chambers.

Throughout my second six with Becket Chambers, I was given the opportunity to be on my feet in Court the majority of the time and on the rare days I was not in Court myself, the other members of Chambers were available to shadow. I quickly discovered that members of Becket Chambers were prepared to go above and beyond to ensure that pupillage was the learning experience it should be.” Sophie Gray

Becket Chambers offers an attractive combination of high quality work and quality of life. It offers you the opportunity to live and work in attractive areas of Kent or Sussex, and build a successful practice without the need for the expensive London commute or high living costs.

How to apply for a Becket Chambers pupillage

All Becket Chambers’ pupillage vacancies can be found on the Pupillage Gateway. In addition, all current vacancies will be shown here.

We employ a vigorous selection regime, as we intend to offer pupillages with a view to tenancy, and require a minimum 2:1 degree in Law or a relevant discipline. We also expect applicants to be a member of one of the Inns of Court before pupillage begins.

When a pupillage is advertised, you should apply via the Pupillage Portal. Our recruitment panel of barristers will review the applications and invite shortlisted candidates to a first round interview in Canterbury.

Our selection process

In your first round interview, you will meet with a panel of interviewing barristers. The first interview is (comparatively) informal, and will be your opportunity to tell the panel about you, ask and answer any questions that may come up, and demonstrate that you are a suitable person to join our very successful set.

If successful at first interview, you will then be invited to return to Canterbury for a second round interview. The second interview involves a practical exercise which enables you to showcase your advocacy ability in a mock hearing. You will be given papers to review beforehand, and the hearing will be set up so as to be as realistic as possible. Although the case itself will be fictional, it will be based on real scenarios which our barristers have experienced in court. Following the practical exercise, a further interview will give you the opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge of law and current events, and discuss your application with us.

The successful candidate will be selected from this second round, and offered pupillage at Becket Chambers.

How we select the successful candidate

At each stage in the selection process, our recruitment panel of experienced barristers, including the proposed pupil supervisor, will use a standard scoring matrix to select the candidates to go through to the next round.

We are sorry, but we cannot provide feedback to unsuccessful applicants, or to candidates who are interviewed in the first round but not offered a second interview. The head of pupillage will consider written applications for feedback from applicants who were interviewed in the second round but not offered pupillage.

Visit this page regularly for more information

We post up-to-date information regarding pupillage recruitment at Becket Chambers on this page, so if you are interested in applying please check back regularly, as well as looking at the news and articles pages of the website.

Unfortunately Chambers can’t answer individual queries about pupillage, but many of our Barristers are active on social media, so why not have a look at our Barrister profiles and connect with anyone who practises in an area of law you are interested in? You will also find many articles on our blog.

We hope you find this information useful and look forward to receiving your application for pupillage at Becket Chambers.