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Becket Chambers provides advice and representation in all cases concerning the arrangements for children (formerly known as contact and residence). Our experienced Family Law team frequently deals with disputes between parents or other family members where contact has broken down.

We act in cases where parents have separated or are in the process of separating, and cannot agree, for example, who the child should live with or what periods of time the child should spend with the other parent. These cases may equally arise from differences of opinion or from allegations against a parent of domestic violence, physical, emotional or sexual abuse or of alcohol or substance abuse.

We are also experienced in cases where a parent wants to move abroad or to another part of the country with the child, or where there are disagreements concerning aspects of a child’s upbringing such as education or religion.

Our expertise:

  • Adoption
  • Disputes over schooling
  • Enforcing visiting rights
  • International relocation applications
  • Medical treatment
  • Name-change
  • Parental responsibility orders
  • Shared care agreements
  • Supervised visiting arrangements

These cases often involve allegations and counter-allegations as well as high levels of hostility.  Many of our Barristers specialising in these areas are parents themselves, and have built their reputations on their sensitive approach to these emotionally charged cases involving the future care and wellbeing of children.

Case Studies

Holly Coates represents a Father in Children’s Proceedings

Children Act 1989 Holly was involved in a case in which the father sought a child arrangements order, which the mother opposed.  The mother alleged that she had suffered serious domestic abuse at the hands of the father.  During the proceedings, cross-applications were made for disclosure of the case papers to the Crown Prosecution Service, Continue reading

Acting for father in multi day fact finding hearing

Nicole acted for the applicant father in a multi-day fact-finding hearing where cross-allegations had been made. Both parties were assisted by interpreters. The mother had alleged that the father had been physically, sexually, and financially abusive and had been controlling and coercive towards her. She also alleged that the father had physically abused the children. Continue reading

Representing father in contact proceedings

Kevin Jackson represented the father who had been refused contact with his young daughter for over 2 years. There were allegations of domestic abuse against him. His daughter had health issues and developmental delay, which made communication difficult. There was an earlier report from CAFCASS recommending that there be no direct contact. At the court Continue reading

Children – Private Law (CAP) Articles

Non-standard private family applications: A review of Nuffield Family Justice Observatory’s research into private law court applications made by non-parents.

The Nuffield FJO paper, ‘Uncovering Private Family Law: Exploring applications that involve non-parents’ details their research regarding the involvement of non-parents in legal proceedings related to children – they term these applications ‘Non-standard cases’. Traditionally, private family law has predominantly been focussed on disputes between parents, however as societal dynamics have changed the inclusion of Continue reading

Guidance on unregulated psychologists instructed as experts Re C (‘Parental Alienation’; Instruction of Expert) [2023] EWHC 345

Practitioners are well aware that early identification of parental alienation is crucial. The longer alienating behaviour goes undetected, the further entrenched a child may become, impacting the relationship with either or both of their parents. Often a finding of alienation is determined on the strength of the factual evidence provided to the court with the Continue reading

Update to Part 3A and Practice Direction 3AA of the Family Procedure Rules 2010 and section 63 Domestic Abuse Act 2021.

This is an update to an article I published on Becket Chambers’ website in April 2022 entitled “Participation Directions in Family Proceedings, the Domestic Abuse Act 2021 and sexually explicit material.” This article examines how Part 3A and Practice Direction 3AA of the Family Procedure Rules 2010 (“FPR”) and section 63 Domestic Abuse Act 2021 Continue reading

Re: HH (A Child: Stay of Order pending Appeal) [2022] EWHC 3369 (Fam). Factors to be taken into consideration when determining an application for a stay of implementation of a trial court’s decision pending the determination of an appeal.

This article provides an overview of a judgment handed down by Mostyn J on 23 December 2022 regarding whether a contact order made in private law family proceedings should be stayed pending an appeal against findings of fact.  The judgment sets out the key principles to be taken into account when an application for a Continue reading

Live With/ Shared Care Orders

This article discusses the differences between a “Live with”/ “Shared Care Orders” to dispel to the myth that either Order gives a parent a greater level of responsibility.  It is hoped that by addressing the rudimentary points, it will help to re-focus a parent’s mind on what the real issues of importance are in Children Continue reading

Re HH (a child) (contact order: stay of order pending appeal) [2022] EWHC 3369 (Fam)

This article considers the recent case of Re HH and the principles of staying an order pending the appeal. The full case can be found here: Background The case concerned HH, a boy aged nearly 3 years. Father made an application for a Child Arrangements Order to have direct contact with HH after having Continue reading

Mother v Father [2022] EWHC 3107 (Fam): I was not allowed to give evidence or cross-examine in family court: can I appeal?

This article provides an overview of the court’s powers in limiting evidence heard during family court proceedings. I will be examining some key lessons on this topic as heard in the recent case of Mother v Father [2022] EWHC 3107 (Fam). Giving evidence at a hearing concerned with your child or children may feel like Continue reading

A junior practitioner’s brief guide to private law fact-finding hearings

Family law pupils and baby juniors deal with all types of hearing, but perhaps the most formulaic is the fact-finding hearing. This is the family court concept of deciding whether or not a disputed allegation of fact happened on the balance of probabilities. This article sets out a basic guide to preparing for and executing Continue reading

Special Measures and vulnerable litigants

The importance of ensuring vulnerable litigants and witnesses are protected by special measures and participation directions when they give evidence in family proceedings The vital importance of this was highlighted in this case, reported in FLW (reproduced below), in which the High Court allowed an appeal against a fact-finding hearing, which ordinarily requires a very Continue reading

An unusual case – private sperm donation, parental responsibility, and contact

MacDougall v SW & Ors (sperm donor: parental responsibility or contact) [2022] EWFC 50 is concerned with three linked cases where the children have the same biological father (“JM”). The judgment is concerned with the first two cases (SW and EG), the third case having been adjourned. The court had to consider: JM’s applications for Continue reading

Participation Directions in Family Proceedings, the Domestic Abuse Act 2021 and sexually explicit material

The use of intimate images in private law family proceedings is all too common.  Mrs Justice Knowles, sitting in the High Court, gave guidance on this issue and made suggestions as to how such images should be admitted into and managed within private law children proceedings in a judgment handed down on 29.4.22.  The case Continue reading

Coercive and Controlling Behaviours: How are they to be dealt with in fact finding hearings after the recent case of F v M?

Allegations of domestic abuse are usually raised from the outset by either the applicant or respondent in private law proceedings. Further allegations may be raised at the safeguarding stage, with recommendations by Cafcass as to whether there should be a fact finding hearing, before final resolution of the case. Where the allegations are of violence Continue reading

Coronavirus: Separated Family and Contact with Children in Care FAQs (UK)

Family practitioners may wish to be aware of a Government briefing paper which seeks to address some key frequently asked questions concerning the impact of the coronavirus outbreak on separated families, contact with children, and child maintenance arrangements. The briefing paper provides links to relevant government guidance and to regulations and legislation, refers to the Continue reading

Parental Alienation

Parental alienation is no longer a fringe concept in family courts. It has been the subject of recent press coverage and is now used frequently in court. It is also a term that should be used with caution and is easy to jump to as a parent who feels treated unfairly. Many relationship breakdowns involve Continue reading

Covid Christmas Contact

Separated parents face all sorts of challenges in relation to contact but these are always amplified around times of celebration. Each year in the run up to Christmas the Courts are filled with parents who simple cannot agree on where their children should be in the festive season. Covid has made this, already stressful time, Continue reading

Assessing Risk of Harm to Children and Parents in Private Law Children Cases

An article exploring the Expert Panel’s Final Report (June 2020): Why Change is Considered Necessary and Recommendations for Change My colleague Marie Crawford recently wrote about a story that appeared in The Guardian newspaper on 25.6.20 and which referred to the (then unpublished) expert panel report entitled ‘Assessing Risk of Harm to Children and Parents Continue reading

My ex has made an application for a Child Arrangements Order – now what will happen to me and my kids?

Many parents find it difficult to agree on the arrangements for their children after separating. This can be an extremely stressful and upsetting situation for everyone concerned. The priority should be to shield the children from arguments wherever possible but what should you do when you receive an application for a Child Arrangements Order and Continue reading

Permission to Appeal & Barder in Lockdown Plus Children Arbitration is the Answer

Two short but troubling issues in troubled times: Can the FR Appeal Court hold a one-sided oral permission hearing without formal notice to the Respondent? Does the pandemic/lockdown amount to a Barder event? Plus Arbitration simply is the answer, especially for children. Permission to Appeal Hearing I have recently had to consider whether it is Continue reading

Parental Alienation: An Example Where The Alienator Succeeds and Guidelines As to How to Minimise it Happening.

The case of Re A (Children) (Parental Alienation) 2019 EWFC  demonstrates clearly the shortcomings of the Family Court to ensure that all children, wherever possible, enjoy a relationship with both of his or her parents. The position of the courts with regard to ordering no direct contact with the absent parent, is that it is Continue reading

Private Family Law: Children Summary of Recent Case Law – October to December 2019

CAFCASS A County Council v Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service (Cafcass)                                                                                                [2019] EWHC 2369 (Fam) Keehan J Judgment: 20th September 2019 This was a public law case which may have relevance in private law proceedings. As part of the threshold grounds, the LA sought a finding that the father had sexually Continue reading

Parental alienation- the duty to identify at an early stage or risk getting it wrong.

This article explores the recent judgment in Re A (Children) (Parental alienation) [2019] EWFC. Re A is a long, drawn out case involving a mother’s repeated inability to promote the children’s relationship with their father. Professionals concluded that she had at best “allowed the demonisation of the father and, at worst, actively encouraged this demonisation Continue reading

Transfer of residence should not be seen as a “last resort” even in the absence of a finding of “parental alienation” or “intractable hostility”.

In my article written in April 2018 “Not “Parental Alienation”? but heading towards intractability? What can be done” I discussed some of the challenges facing the courts where adult conflict threatens to harm the relationship between children and their parents. Two cases decided in 2019 consider further the question of transfer of residence in cases Continue reading

Summary of Recent Case Law (Private Family Law: Children) – April to September 2019

COSTS Timokhina v Timokhin [2019] EWCA Civ 1284 Lord Justice Underhill, Lady Justice King and Lord Justice Moylan Judgment:      18th July 2019 These proceedings concerned the parties’ two children aged 15 and 8. The parents were Russian, who moved to London in 2004. Following the breakdown of the marriage, bitter court proceedings ensued in relation to Continue reading

Becket Family Mediation – the process – a brief overview of the steps

First, make contact with the mediation clerks, who will provide you with some information and send you a referral form to complete. Complete your referral form and return it to the mediation clerks, who will then set up an initial session for you to attend with the mediator (on your own). Attend an intake/MIAM session Continue reading

Child Arrangements Orders: How can I make the Court process more positive for me and for my child(ren)?

Often, when parents separate, there are young children involved, so it is important to set up a co-parenting model that can last for a significant period of time. Many parents feel that the most appropriate forum for such discussions is within mediation. If you have been able to reach a decision through negotiation, you can Continue reading

Are the Government finally tackling Domestic Abuse and how will it help victims in the family court? The Domestic Abuse Bill.

Since March 2018 the government have been consulting for a landmark Domestic Abuse bill. It seeks to legislate to “ fundamentally change the way we, as a country, think about this insidious crime.”  The draft bill was published on 21st January 2019 and focuses on 4 main objectives, i.e. how they can: promote awareness – Continue reading

Open All Hours? Flexible Operating Hours for Family and Civil Courts

On the 16th November 2018 the Flexible Operating Hours (“FOH”) Pilots: Prospectus for Civil and Family Court Pilots was published. HM Courts and Tribunals Service (“HMCTS”) announced that early and late sittings will now be trialled over six months in civil and family courts in Manchester Civil Justice Centre and Brentford County Court, commencing in Continue reading

Relocation – stating the resident parent will be ‘unhappy’ is simply not enough to justify relocation.

re M (A Child) [2017] EWCA Civ 2356 Introduction In a lead judgment from Jackson LJ the Court of Appeal have reiterated the guidance in Re F (A Child) (International Relocation Cases) [2015] EWCA Civ 882 that “an analysis of some sophistication and complexity” is required before granting an application for relocation. This case makes it Continue reading

Not “Parental Alienation”? but heading towards intractability? What can be done?

Many practitioners are accustomed to seeing cases that do not quite fall within the category of “parental alienation” yet are characterised by the resident-parent’s views impacting adversely on the arrangements for contact between the non-resident parent and the child and often, as a consequence, on the relationship between the child and non-resident parent.   Usually such Continue reading

The New CAFCASS Guidance and Private Law Children Proceedings – an UPDATE on the proposed new interventions

In my August 2017 article I considered the Cafcass document ‘Guidance on the use of professional time to benefit children’ (‘the Guidance’) in the context of private law children proceedings. While Cafcass believes it is crucial that the work it carries out before and at the First Hearing (FHDRA) should continue unchanged, it proposes to Continue reading

The Collaborative Process

Following separation, the traditional process of resolution of issues through correspondence or the court process works for many. But, whether to avoid the long delays caused by court listings, the cost of complying with directions or simply the adversarial nature of disputes, an increasing number are now seeking a more amicable resolution. The collaborative process Continue reading

The revised Practice Direction 12J: Child Arrangements & Contact Order: Domestic Violence and Harm

On Thursday 14th September 2017 the President, Sir James Munby released a Circular about the Cobb Review of PD 12J (commissioned by the President and published in January 2017). Mr. Justice Cobb had also published a draft amended PD 12J with his review, which I addressed in an earlier article for Family Law Week.  The Continue reading

The New CAFCASS Guidance and Private Law Children Proceedings – a new ‘flexible’ friend?

The Chief Executives of Cafcass and Cafcass Cymru have issued new guidance on the use of its officers in private and public law children proceedings. The document, functionally entitled ‘Guidance on the use of professional time to benefit children’, has been issued with the approval and support of the President of the Family Division and Continue reading

Children Arbitration

Article 1 of the Family Law Arbitration Children Scheme Arbitration Rules 2016 (1st Edition, effective, 18th July 2016) “The Family Law Arbitration Children Scheme (“the Children Scheme”) is a scheme under which disputes concerning the exercise of parental responsibility and other private law issues about the welfare of children may be resolved by the determination Continue reading

Big Changes in Children’s Cases where Domestic Abuse is an Issue: New Practice Direction 12 J

The presumption of contact can now (explicitly) be displaced As a result of the work of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Domestic Violence (APPG) after the publication in January 2016 of the influential Women’s Aid report entitled ‘Nineteen Child Homicides: What must change so children are put first in child contact arrangements and the Continue reading

Myth-busting the collaborative process

In my view there are many reasons why we lawyers should be getting serious about the collaborative process. The first is the over-stretched, over-burdened and under-resourced Court Service, which means that clients have to wait longer than ever for the resolution of their case.  The second is the ever-more-limited resources of clients, and the difficulty Continue reading

Parental Alienation: New Initiatives

Identifying The Problem Court proceedings involving the phenomenon of the ‘excluded parent’ can take many forms. Such cases are variously described as parental alienation/ hostility, intractable contact, chronic litigation disputes etc. There is no definition of these terms but as practitioners we encounter them quite regularly and we recognise them when we see them. Getting Continue reading

Children – Private Law (CAP) Testimonials

“Spectacular advice so much appreciated!……. As ever Adrian, you’re spot on thank you so much again!”

Mr W instructing Adrian Pidduck through the Direct Access Scheme – November 23

“I have been very satisfied, as has the client, with Adrian’s professionalism and dedication when conducting this matter. Everything has been in order, and there is nothing more I could have expected.”

Miss L from solicitors instructing Adrian Pidduck – Oct 23

“We are very satisfied with the work done. Counsel has gone above and beyond to help the client and we are very grateful.”

Miss M from solicitors instructing Nathanael Harding – Oct 23

“Lavinia provided exemplary representation for the client, his objectives were achieved and he was reassured by Lavinia’s submissions and advice.

Lavinia provided the draft order and an attendance note promptly following the hearing, enabling me to progress directions as necessary. The communication from your chambers in terms of booking arrangements and provision of the fee note was helpful and efficient throughout.

I would not hesitate to instruct Lavinia again, and highly recommend her to my clients.”

Miss M from solicitors instructing Lavinia Glover – Oct 23

“Our family cannot thank Mr Wall enough for his commitment to our case. We used the direct access scheme and Mr Wall provided clear instructions on the documentation concerning the proceedings. It has been a very emotional time however Mr Wall has been our voice of reason and always gave realistic advice, which we appreciated. My daughter is now in a safe, loving home and Mr Wall played an instrumental part of that.”

Mr K instructing Christopher Wall through the Direct Access Scheme – Aug 23

“Just a note to say she’s been fab on my case, I’ve been in contact more than I usually would as the client very vulnerable, and Cara looked after her brilliantly and with care”

Miss H from solicitors instructing Cara Radford – June 23

“I am very pleased with the service from chambers and Allen on this case. It is a particularly challenging case and Allen has been excellent throughout, both in preparing for hearings and his grasp of the case and always available to discuss matters outside of court. The client is also extremely positive about Allen as well.”

Mr B from solicitors instructing Allen Worwood – May 23

“I am writing to express and acknowledge your total professionalism in representing me at the last hearing. I would like to thank you for being thorough in reading and following the large bundle, again my experience , is that , nobody actually has the time or resources to do that.

It is total credit to you , that you do your work absolute thoroughly and in my view , at the top level of professionalism.

Please continue with your great work that will help families and children.”

Client instructing Lavinia Glover through solicitors – May 23

“I just want to say Sophie was absolutely amazing yesterday……..we got the result that we wanted and we will continue to use her in the further cases that we have coming up…..thanks for all you done”

Client instructing Sophie Gray through Solicitors – April 23

“‘X’ was very impressed with you and the manner in which you conducted the case yesterday. She confirmed that she is keen for you to represent her at the final hearing.”

Miss R from Solicitors instructing Adrian Pidduck – March 23

Magdalena was very thoughtful, even considered the third party and the relationship between the third party and our client going forward and that she was extremely thorough and delightful to deal with. Her submissions were clear and precise, she was very good and did not sit back and proactively dealt with matters. The client would have no hesitation in instructing you again if required.”

Client instructing Magdalena Cass through solicitors – March 23

“My client was very happy with the support and advice offered by Nicole hence he has booked her for the final hearing in August.

I have to say, I always appreciate how helpful Nicole is and how forthcoming she is with checking over documents and offering support throughout a matter, which is why I enjoy booking her as we can work better as a team this way.”

Miss M from solicitors instructing Nicole Jennings – February 23

“Lavinia was fantastic! The client was very happy and praised her approach. Please thank her again on my behalf & we will be sure to send her further work.”

Miss M from solicitors instructing Lavinia Glover – February 23

“Lavinia was great. I found her very helpful and so did the client. I will instruct her again in the future.”

Miss H from solicitors instructing Lavinia Glover – February 23

“Thank you for your note and all your hard work. I certainly appreciated it, and I know ‘X’ did too.

Miss B from solicitors instructing Adrian Pidduck – February 23

“You were amazing, thank you so much. You are seriously worth your weight in gold ….. I will definitely be using your services again”

Ms V Instructing Clive Styles through DPA scheme – February 23

“Lavinia was extremely helpful in this case and went above and beyond in trying to assist for which I am grateful for.

The client was very pleased with Lavinia’s handling of the case in relation to child arrangements and specific issue matters.”

Mr C from solicitors instructing Lavinia Glover – January 23

“Many thanks once again to you and your clerks for your assistance with this case at the eleventh hour. It has been greatly appreciated. I will certainly bear you in mind if I have any other hearings”

Mr C from Solicitors instructing Ronald Edginton – January 23

“Becket Chambers was amazing as always, and Louisa provided such professional service and went over and above.”

Miss S from solicitors instructing Louisa Adamson – October 22

“The service provided by Clive to the client and the firm was excellent…..I am more than happy with the service provided by the clerks and counsel from chambers.”

Mr C from solicitors instructing Clive Styles – October 22

“ Nicole who represented me was really brilliant within the hearings so thank you for having her involved and having her return to do the hearings with me.”

Client instructing Nicole Jennings through Solicitors – September 22

Mr Wall was  extremely helpful , thorough and proactive and  we’re completely satisfied with his  services .

Solicitors Instructing Christopher Wall in Private Children’s Proceeding – May 2022

Thank you again for your support within the hearing today, I am very grateful for your professionalism and it has been refreshing to be heard and for someone to be able to fight for me, instead of having to fight for the children myself- with no legal background, expertise, or knowledge at all!

Client instructing Edward Kenny through Solicitors in Children Proceedings – June 2022

I instructed Chris in a finely balanced children case in which he quickly developed a good understanding of the client and their perspective and gave clear advice.  He prepared a detailed and clear position statement for the court. His presentation in court was concise, accurate and sensitively done and the client felt well represented.

Solicitors Instructing Christopher Wall in a Private Children’s Law – March 2022

My client and I both think Mr Nee is wonderful.  He ensures I am fully informed as to the case and is approachable when I need advice prior to hearings etc.  Given that my local Court is in the North West this has been extremely helpful as I do not know your local customs.  I would not hesitate in recommending Mr Nee and I know my client feels the same.

Solicitors instructing John Nee on Private Children’s Law – February 2022

I have to say that you did a fantastic job in relation to the matter and I really am most grateful.

Solicitors Instructing Edward Kenny on a Private Law Children’s Case – November 2021

Ed was fantastic and worth every penny, he didn’t budge and got our points across like a ‘smiling assassin’, he really earned his money but best of all he understood our position and got the best result for us without ruffling any feathers, what a professional


Ms S Instructing Edward Kenny through Solicitors – October 2021

He was great- very thorough and understanding with the client. His advocacy was top notch and I will definitely instruct him again.

Many thanks

Ms B Instructing Christopher Wall through Solicitors – October 2021

Thank you very much Louisa, that was very nerve wracking but you were absolutely fantastic, thank you so much

Mr M Instructing Louisa Adamson through Solicitors – October 2021

“You are extremely good and as you said I got to see what others normally don’t. I am very fortunate to have chosen you to represent me, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you.”

Ms S Instructing Edward Kenny through Solicitors – October 21

As regards Lavinia Glover I thought she was outstanding on the day. She knew my case perfectly and had provided her own statement for court which was spot on. I would highly recommend her services and would not hesitate to use her services again myself if need be.

Ms K from Solicitors Instructing Lavinia Glover – July 2021

Firstly I want to thank Sandria for how she dealt with the case and the client ,the advice and assistance was exemplary.

The client  was very pleased with how Sandria looked after his interests in particular at the recent final hearing.

I would no hesitation in instructing Sandria and chambers in the future as the service provided is consistently of a very high standard.

Solicitors Instructing Sandria Murkin – May 2021

Please could you also pass on my thanks to Gayle. She was very helpful and patient with dealing with XXXXX to achieve a final order. I was very nervous about the remote hearing, not having face to face contact with counsel. Gayle’s communication exceeded my expectations and put my mind at ease before during and after the hearing. I am very grateful for that.

Mrs P from Solicitors Instructing Gayle Ashley – June 2021

The client has emailed me over the weekend and has asked me to pass on to you both his appreciation for acting for him in this case. He is very happy with the outcome of these proceedings and wanted me to pass onto you his best wishes.

Solicitors Instructing Clive Styles – June 2021

I really appreciate all of your hard work with this matter. You have gone ‘above and beyond’, the client is very grateful too.

Solicitor Instructing Gayle Ashley – July 2021

I wished to extend my very great thanks to Gayle for her overwhelming empathy, professionalism and time, over and above by far on this case which has this morning settled.

Solicitor Instructing Gayle Ashley – May 2021

I would like to say that I cannot express my gratitude enough to Gayle for all her help.


Gayle’s professionalism and patience were truly outstanding. She was so kind, compassionate, focused, respectful, and dedicated to my case and I felt she left no stone unturned. She acted with integrity, listened to my instructions, and worked so hard for the benefit of my son and me.


Although I was legally aided, this had no bearing on how Gayle dealt with my case, and I felt she cared about the outcome and always remained professional. She went above and beyond to get the best outcome for my son and myself.


Gayle’s profile on her chamber’s website stood out to me when I was selecting representation. I am so very thankful I chose Gayle to represent me. I would highly recommend her.

Mrs H from Solicitors Instructing Gayle Ashley – May 2021

The client has asked me to pass on her gratitude to Corey, for all his efforts on the case.  She is delighted with the outcome and that it was settled by consent in the end.  She found Corey to be very clear, and concise.

Mrs B from Solicitors Instructing Corey Mills – April 2021

Everything was in order as I would expect. Marie discussed matters with both me and Client before the remote hearing and it was evident that she was on top of her brief.

After the hearing I received a call from client to say that Marie had done brilliantly and that he was very happy with the service he has received.

Mr F from Solicitors Instructing Marie Crawford – April 2021

I’d like to thank Mr Fox for his help this week; he was particularly helpful, efficient, and made an excellent contrast to the aggression of the other party.

Mr C from Solicitors instructing Christian Fox – March 2021

Just to confirm that we were very pleased with Melanie’s representation for Ms T. She really did go above & beyond which was much appreciated, on such a sensitive matter for the client. Melanie really couldn’t have done more for the client.

Ms T from Solicitors instructing Melanie Mcintosh – March 2021

“The experience I received was excellent both from the clerking team (and it always is) and Louisa.

Louisa was very impressive. Her knowledge of the case and the law was very thorough. We had a conference and Louisa combined professionalism with a friendly manner with the client. The Position Statement was clear and hit the main points succinctly. In terms of the attention to detail and the time spent drafting the Order at the end of the Hearing, Louisa made sure that the client and I were kept involved throughout. I would thoroughly recommend Louisa.”

Mr P Instructing Louisa Adamson – January 21

“Thank you again for your help – Mr W is happy with your representation and has described you as “brilliant and impressive”, which I totally agree with.”

Ms B from Solicitors Instructing Nicole Jennings – January 21

“I will say as usual both my client and I found Philip extremely well prepped, direct and honest in his advice and sympathetic to my client’s particular unique set of circumstances.

My client and indeed I were more than satisfied with Philip’s representation  and clearly I would not hesitate to continue to instruct him on matters, both in relation to children and finances.”

Ms S from Solicitors Instructing Philip Newton – November 20

“I was very pleased with Christian’s representation of my client and the outcome of the hearing. The order was well drafted and the client was pleased with Christian and the final order.”

Ms V from Solicitors Instructing Christian Fox – November 20

“The client was very pleased with Christian, and despite his junior years felt he did a really good job- she felt comfortable with him which his huge as she is a very vulnerable client.”

Ms R from Solicitors Instructing Christian Fox – November 20

“Melanie’s representation, updates & client care went above & beyond. My client & I were very happy with all her hard work & efforts.”

Ms T from Solicitors Instructing Melanie McIntosh – November 20

“Please can you pass on my thanks and appreciation to Mr Newton for his continued excellent work on my case. I really do feel confident that I know the children and I are in the best hands with him. He is fighting extremely well for our best interests, with what is an incredibly difficult situation for us. He has a great way of ensuring my voice and concerns are listened to by the court, something of which I don’t believe I could achieve on my own.”

Ms W Instructing Philip Newton through the DPA scheme – August 20

“I would like to thank him for all his work he has done so far and has helped tremendously. I cant thank him enough.”

Ms G Instructing Christopher Wall through DPA Scheme – May 20

“Melanie was fantastic in her role, and very reassuring in what was, as you can imagine, a very stressful situation.  I felt so much better once she arrived at court and took charge of the situation! It was also useful to have the same barrister throughout the court appearances as she understood the case completely. She took a ‘no nonsense’ approach and was completely fixed on getting the right result, which she did. This, again, was very reassuring.”

Ms F from Solicitors Instructing Melanie McIntosh – March 2020

“She was fantastic – client was very happy with Cara’s representation and her client care.”




Ms T from Solicitors Instructing Cara Radford – January 20

“In terms of Louisa, everything was fantastic thank you.

The client was very happy and I received an extremely detailed Attendance Note and a copy of the Typed Order straight after the hearing.

Both myself and the client was very happy and Louisa has been retained for the next hearing.”

Ms K from Solicitors Instructing Louisa Adamson – December 19

“I am very happy with Chambers, I have used your Counsel on a number of different matters and the service has always been very good.

Cara has been fantastic, I have instructed her on a few other matters. Client feedback has been very positive and Cara has been booked for further hearings on these matters. I am very happy with Cara and Chambers as a whole and looking forward to keeping up a great relationship in the New Year.”

Mr H from Solicitors Instructing Cara Radford – December 19

“Thank you for your email.  Lavinia Glover was very helpful and I confirm we were very happy with her assistance with this matter.  Lavinia communicated very well with both myself and the client and was a great sounding board for advice.

No further assistance is required at this point.  Thank you”

Ms B from Solicitors Instructing Lavinia Glover – December 19

“In terms of feedback, Sophie was fantastic on this matter and achieved a wonderful result.

There were a few complex issues with this case in particular with the client. Sophie dealt with these fantastically and was very clear to the client that changes were required by them.  Sophie approached the issues professionally and gained the client’s trust and respect.

A fantastic overall approach.

I would have no hesitation in instruction Sophie again.”

Ms K from Solicitors Instructing Sophie Gray – December 19

“My client was very pleased with the service received from Counsel. She was very helpful and provided a prompt attendance note following the hearing.”

Ms W from Solicitors Instructing Melanie Andrews – December 19

“I was very pleased with the work undertaken by Chambers and Counsel. Counsel provided me with the outcome very quickly and did a superb job.”

Mr H from Solicitors Instructing Philip Newton – December 19

“I just wanted to pass on my thanks to all who have helped us. Our lovely lady who you so highly recommended was stunning and offered such sound and clear advice at court.”

Miss A instructing Melanie Andrews through solicitors – May 19

“I found Ms Radford to be very pleasant, she understood what the issues were and what I’m trying to achieve. She represented me well and I did not feel uncomfortable at any point. If there was anything I didn’t understand she explained exactly what was going on so that I was fully aware.”

Miss G instructing Cara Radford through solicitors – May 19

“My client and I have been very happy indeed with Louisa’s service and that of the clerks room. Louisa is a pleasure to work with and has a great manner with the client. I know the client feels confident with Louisa’s ongoing advice and wishes to continue instructing her in this case”

Miss H from solicitors instructing Louisa Adamson – May 19

“Client has asked me to convey his sincere thanks to Sophie for representing him at Court and for dealing with him and the matter so sensitively”

Ms S from Solicitors Instructing Sophie Gray – May 19

“Sam was delighted and thinks you are brilliant. I am really pleased and am happy for you to deal with the next hearing.”

Mr R from Solicitors instructing Louisa Adamson – April 19

“I was certainly very happy with Louisa’s note afterwards which was thorough and prompt and I thought her position statement perfectly captured our case.”

Mrs H from Solicitors instructing Louisa Adamson – April 19

“Mr M was very happy with Mr Wall. He said “my main feedback is all good. He was very professional and really got the job done well for me.”

Mr Wall is regularly recommended by colleagues in the Family Law Department. My feedback is all positive, very happy with the service.”


Ms P from Solicitors Instructing Christopher Wall – March 19

What an extraordinary result for which both Mr H and I are very grateful.

for you to obtain a further FAO for three  months is amazing!

Many thanks once again for all your help.



Ms D from Solicitors Instructing Christopher Wall – November 18

“…I just wanted to thank you for your work on this case and a great result for Miss B and her children…”


Ms W from Solicitors instructing Gayle Ashley – September 18

“…Mr C and his partner have asked me to pass on their heartfelt thanks to Ed for his work throughout the proceedings and on the day. As a result of his endeavours it was far less stressful than they imagined…”

Miss L from solicitors instructing Edward Kenny – July 18

“I would like to personally thank you both for the outcome of yesterday – it was fanastic news and a big relief. Sophie represented me exceptionally well and fully understood what we wanted for the children and stuck to it without being fazed. Throughout the court proceeding she explained the position and listened to myself and my partner. She’d cleared already completed her background research into this case as she could relay information efficiently….From the bottom of my heart thank you both”

Mr T instructing Sophie Gray through Solicitors – July 18

“Just a short note to let you know it went exceptionally well today. Louisa was excellent…”


Mr M Instructing Louisa Adamson through Solicitors – July 18

“I am writing to express my gratitude and to let you know I fully appreciated your hard work on our behalf. I have been singing your praises to others when I talk about my case and how you helped my daughter. You have my profound appreciation for representing me and spending a great amount of time and effort on the access arrangements for my daughter. Thanks once again for your expertise in resolving my case. Your help and empathy made a big difference in my life. Thanks for your prompt responses and for solving my problems without allowing me to go through more than necessary stress.

You were able to get the desired result within a short period of time. Thank you for your assistance and your prompt responses. You really went the extra mile and did more than enough to help me secure my daughter’s future access arrangements, which are fair and ultimately safe.

Thank you for your professionalism and continued support. I really appreciate everything and for you having a genuine interest in my daughters wellbeing.”


Ms S Instructing Edward Kenny through Solicitors – May 18

“Here is just a few things the client had to say about you:

Really amazing, Excellent, Got a grip of all the issues, Well prepared, Filled me with confidence, I felt like my voice was being heard.

It is sometimes a thankless job we do; in this instance your skill is appreciated.”

Mr M Instructing Solicitors using Philip Newton – April 2018

“Thank you for this and for all your help yesterday enabling ‘A’ to get the result she did. She was clearly delighted.”

Ms M from solicitors instructing Clive Styles – April 18

“I want to let everyone know how absolutely pleased I was with Edward Kenny’s representation I am not one to give praise frequently or lightly so I’m hoping this is taken into consideration and that Mr Kenny receives the recognition he deserves.

Upon first meeting Mr Kenny, it was obvious that he took his time to review the mountain of case documents and that he understood my position and the finer points. His honesty, knowledge, and willingness to engage in just regular open conversation immediately made me feel comfortable for the first time in nearly 6 months. It was probably the first time I felt like someone had seen the big picture and actually wanted to fight for me. And for the first time, I felt like I wasn’t struggling alone. I wasn’t just ‘a client’. Mr Kenny was very kind, friendly, and approachable, and he really listened to what I had to say. We immediately established a rapport that seemed to just happen naturally.

In regards to the case, Mr Kenny’s attention to detail was nothing short of outstanding. This wasn’t just noticed by myself, but also by the Judge, who like I, thanked him for his ability to bring the matter to an end. Mr Kenny successfully negotiated with the  other party on my behalf.

In the end, Mr Kenny successfully concluded my never-ending case to my benefit, and astonishingly, he even managed to resolve other urgent related matters in the same process. I really could almost frame the final court order.

I couldn’t be more pleased with Edward Kenny’s representation and I can never truly thank him enough.”


Mr W Instructing Edward Kenny through Solicitors – April 18

“I spoke to the client yesterday afternoon and she was very happy with the service you provided – and therefore thank you once again for your help. “

Mr K from Solicitors Instructing Marie Crawford – March 18

“I have spoken to the client – he was incredibly complementary about you and very pleased with how the hearing went.”


Ms T from Solicitors Instructing Marie Crawford – October 17

“…Brilliant news – well done and thank you for all your help. I bet the client is over the moon…”

Mr S from Solicitors instructing Holly Coates – September 17

“…Thanks for all your help today. It was a great result for me and my daughter…”

Ms O Instructing Dean Thistle through Solicitors – August 17

“What a fantastic result, I am so happy for the client.”

Mrs K from Solicitors Instructing Sandria Murkin – May 2017

“Just wanted to say thank you for all you have done for me and my family. We are truly grateful.”


Ms M Instructing Clive Styles through Solicitors – May 2017

“…I have spoken to the client and he asked that I pass on his thanks to you and for everything that you have done for him in these proceedings.  He appreciated all your efforts on his behalf…”

Mr Q from Solicitors instructing Sandria Murkin – March 17

 “Thanks again for all of Holly’s help, you both made a huge difference and you definitely helped to relieve some of the pressure and  anxiety ……”


Mr S Instructing Holly Coates through Solicitors – February 17

“…I have spoken to the client and I would pass on that he said you were absolutely brilliant!…”

Mrs C from a firm of Solicitors instructing Sophie Gray – January 17

“…I would like to express my eternal gratitude for your representation on my case…When I first met you I was immediately confident in your services and throughout the case I always felt reassured by your approach, I would certainly recommend you to anyone who was going through the same thing as I had and I will be calling on your services again if the matter ever came back to court…I wish you every success in the future…”

Mrs S instructing Sandria Murkin through Solicitors – August 16

“…We would like to say thank you very much for providing us with Melanie McIintosh and for all of your work on the case…Melanie managed to get it shut down today which is a brilliant result…she was fantastic!…”

Mr C instructing Melanie McIntosh through Solicitors – August 16

“…She is really happy about how the hearing went…She also said that you were a “wonderful Barrister”, very calm (and calming) and she was very happy with all you did at Court and for all of your support!…Thank you again for all of your help with this (and I am passing on the client’s grateful thanks as well!)…”

Mrs S from a firm of Solicitors instructing Ed Kenny – August 16

“Thanks ever so much for your attendance note and for such a great result.  I
really appreciate this and I know Mr E is delighted.”

Ms U from Instructing Solicitors using Michael Batt – July 16

“…Many thanks to yourself and Ms Gray for all your help with this – the client was, incidentally, delighted with the outcome!…”

Mrs U from a firm of Solicitors instructing Sophie Gray – June 16

“…I am very grateful for all that Mr Edginton has done….Thank you once again for all of the help and assistance that has been afforded to me…”

Miss P instructing Ronald Edginton through the DPA scheme – May 16

“…Thank you for your brilliant help and incredible advice which has made a huge difference to my life…”

Mrs K instructing Louisa Adamson through the DPA scheme – May 16

I would firstly like to thank Ms. Gray for her efforts and support with my case…. Ms. Gray was polite and friendly, during the pre-court discussions she listened to what I had to say and my feeling regarding certain matters, she also showed real empathy and understanding…If I am ever in need of representation in the future, I would request and be very happy to have Ms Gray there for support and representation.

Mr D instructing Sophie Gray through solicitors – April 16

“Many thanks for your note and for achieving such a good result….N is absolutely delighted with your representation”

Mr C from a firm of Solicitors instructing Sandria Murkin – April 16

“Thank you for all your hard work and guidance with these matters. This has been a very difficult time and your advise and effort is vastly appreciated by us all. We are very pleased with what you have managed to achieve given the opposition!!

We wish you all the best and are greatly indebted to you.”

Mr S Instructing Michael Batt through Solicitors – February 16

“Mr C just called to say thank you for getting him the best lawyer. He was very pleased with the outcome of yesterday.”

Miss C from Solicitors instructing Michael Batt – January 16

“Thank you for your assistance with this matter, I have spoken to the client who was very happy with the outcome and she spoke very highly of you.”

Mrs K from Instructing Solicitors instructing Gayle Ashley – January 16

“Holly, thank you so much for all of your help with my brother’s case, he said you did a great job. We are all so relieved about the outcome.”

Ms M on behalf of Mr M instructing Holly Coates through DPA scheme – January 16

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you, from the moment you came aboard the case, you turned everything around and I truly believe that if it wasn’t for your hard work , I wouldn’t have got the result I did. So from me and my children thank you so much.”

Mr R instructing Marie Crawford through Instructing Solicitors – December 15

“Thank you so much for your help with this. You certainly had a calming and reassuring effect  throughout the process. I am immensely grateful for the overall outcome …”

Ms C instructing Kevin Jackson through the DPA scheme – October 2015

“….the client phoned me on Friday to explain how pleased she was and impressed with you…”

Mr D from a firm of Solicitors instructing Sandria Murkin – November 15

“Just a brief message to extend my gratitude at your help….Realistically, I could not have hoped for a better outcome…I will be eternally grateful for your assistance.”

Mr W instructing Edward Kenny through Solicitors – November 15

“….I have spoken to the client this afternoon and he has asked me to thank you for your assistance and said you were fantastic….”

Mr F instructing John Nee through Solicitors – April 15

“….very happy with the way Mr Newton dealt with the case….he was amazing and brilliant and ‘A’ is very happy with the outcome….”

Mr M instructing Philip Newton through Solicitors – March 15

“….Excellent in all areas….financially it was less expensive….i personally felt that because I was able to have direct contact with the barrister that communicating was easier, I felt in control of what was said and put across, essentially it was cutting out the middleman….definitely worth it….”

Mrs S instructing Louisa Adamson through the DPA scheme – November 14

“….i feel they have an exact idea of the case as my Barrister has represented me for 5 years and we have a good understanding between us….i think the service overall has been wonderful through from the Clerks to my Barrister….”

Mrs B instructing Sandria Murkin through the DPA scheme & Instructing Solicitors – 2009 – 2014

“….That is WONDERFUL news, Mr B will be thrilled…thank you so much for all your hard work….”

Mrs W from a firm of Solicitors instructing Holly Coates – October 14

“….Thank you for being my voice in court and doing such a wonderful job….i feel truly blessed to have had the benfit of your experience and knowledge which has made a big difference to the lives of me and my son”

Mrs W instructing Sandria Murkin through Instructing Solicitors – May 14

“….from start to finish i found you to be completely professional….whilst in court your expertise and experience really shone through….i could never have gone to court without you….you were most certainly worth every penny….”

Mrs S instructing Louisa Adamson through the DPA scheme – February 14

“….Corey was wonderful. He constantly reassured me throughout the process…..your service is fantastic….”

Mrs S instructing Corey Mills through Instructing Solicitors – January 2014