Public Law Children Cases

Michael Batt represents Mother is Public Care Proceedings

Case Summary Care proceedings issued because of concerns over mother’s substance misuse, mainly alcohol. Two children with separate fathers. Only one father known and involved in the proceedings. He also has issues with substance misuse. Both children placed with grandparents, one with maternal grandparents and the other with his paternal grandmother, who were all positively Continue reading

Michael Batt represents Father in Public Care Proceedings

Case Summary Proceedings issued following local authority’s concerns about long standing neglect and domestic abuse between the mother of the four children and her current partner, the father of the youngest child, including psychical harm to some of the children. The paternity of the third child is in issue. The catalyst for the proceeding was Continue reading

Supporting Father to have young children placed in his care

Sandria acted for the Father in a case involving several children. The Mother’s new partner had remained unchecked by Social Services despite several referrals that the children were suffering neglect and possible physical abuse. Two older children moved out as a family arrangement with a paternal aunt. The two younger children, with a question mark Continue reading

Care plan for adoption and move abroad

Marie acted for a Father in a care case where the Mother could no longer care for the child because of her health and physical disabilities. The Father had never met the child, and was unaware of his existence until contacted during the care proceedings. A number of assessments of family members were negative until Continue reading

Representing a young child

Michael acted for the young Child in a Local Authority’s application for a care order. The Local Authority’s concerns related to drugs and alcohol use, neglect and domestic abuse between the parents, who had separated. Initially the Mother and Child were placed with relatives, but an Interim Care Order was subsequently granted and they were Continue reading

Representing a Father with mental health concerns

Marie represented the Father in a case where the children had been removed from him and his partner. The children were removed because of the parents’ drug use and mental health concerns. The Local Authority care plan was for the children to live with the Father’s parents under a Special Guardianship Order and have contact Continue reading

Representing an aunt caring from children removed from parents

Marie represented an Aunt in a case where the children were removed from their parents due to allegations of physical abuse. The Children were placed with the Grandmother and Aunt and remained there under interim Child Arrangements Orders whilst the allegations were investigated and the family assessed. The Aunt is undergoing a Special Guardianship assessment Continue reading

Defending against interim supervision order by local authority

Cara acted for the Respondent Mother when an interim supervision order application was brought by the local authority, requesting immediate removal of three children from the Mother. Following Cara’s representation it was ordered that all children are to live with Mother under a supervision order and written agreement.

Acting for Mother to retain care of children

Cara acted for the Respondent Mother when an application was made by the local authority for an interim supervision order. The local authority was seeking for two of the children to live with their Father and the other to live with a maternal family member. The Mother was contesting the application, wishing for all children Continue reading

Interim care order

Cara acted for the Mother in an application for an interim care order. The order itself was not opposed, however, separation was with certain directions also being sought. The interim care order made, separation was ordered in the interim with the Local Authority directed to continue searches for placements, and directions made.

Emergency Protection Order

Cara acted for the Respondent Mother in an Emergency protection order application, as the child was placed under a section 20 agreement and the Mother had inferred she was going to revoke her agreement. An Emergency protection order for 8 days was granted.

Special guardianship order to maternal uncle

Corey acted for an intervenor in a public law/care case involving two children, which followed on from public law proceedings concerning five older children. All the children had special needs. Special guardianship to maternal uncle was recommended, but was not accepted by the Father. Fact finding and final hearing were combined, involving the Mother and Continue reading

Seeking to return a baby to parents’ care

Marie represented a Father in a case where a new born baby was removed from his and his partner’s care because of concerns. Both parents went into a Parent and Child foster placement for a period of time and did well, but they separated as a couple and left the placement. They reunited afterwards, but Continue reading

Complex care case involving multiple parents and children

Michael represented one of two fathers in complex care proceedings involving several children from infancy to teens. The case involved complex relationships involving two mothers (M1 and M2) and two fathers (F1 and F2). Michael acted for the Father (F1) of the third child (referred to below as E). The local authority had been involved Continue reading

Protecting a Mother and children from a violent Father

Michael Batt represented the maternal grandmother in a case concerning a young child who was living with the mother and her partner, who is not the child’s father. Proceedings commenced following an anonymous referral to Social Services expressing concerns about bruises all over the child’s body, possibly caused by the mother’s partner, and that the Continue reading

Supporting a very young father

Sandria acted for a very young Father. It was clear that he needed a level of support and assistance with reading and understanding documents and proceedings. The parents had separated with the Mother in a Mother and Baby placement. The Local Authority had serious concerns about the parents’ abilities, but the Father was showing some Continue reading

Representing a Father who is also a Stepfather

Michael represented the Father of the younger of two children. There are two young children involved in this matter, with separate fathers. Michael’s client lives with the Mother of both children and has always also looked after the older child as his own. The older child does now see his biological father, who is also Continue reading

Five-day final care hearing

Marie represents the Father of a child in a care case where there is another child who has a different Father. Two sets of Grandparents are also parties to the proceedings. The children have been placed with their respective Grandparents because of concerns about the Mother’s care, which are currently being assessed. The case is Continue reading

Unusual Special Guardianship case

Michael represented a pre-teen child whose Mother had sadly died as a result of ill health. The Stepfather, who the child had previously believed was the Father, had abandoned the child and wanted no part in caring for the child following the Mother’s death. So the child had effectively suffered a double bereavement and was Continue reading

Representing a Father in neglect of a very young baby

Michael represents the father in a case concerning a baby whose Mother is a teenager and has been subject to a Child Protection Plan. The Father, Michael’s client, is also a teenager, with a substantial history of involvement with the police. The Local Authority’s concerns relate to the abusive nature of the parents’ relationship, the Continue reading

Multi-issue case involving possible non-accidental injury

Michael represents a Father in a case involving unexplained and possibly non-accidental injury to a young child. The case involved a failure to prioritise that child’s health and medical needs and further concerns about the ability of the parents to care for a new baby born very premature, with its own special medical needs. The Continue reading

Representing a Mother in an FDAC care case

Marie represented a Mother in an FDAC Care Case. The Mother has had drug issues as well as issues with domestic abuse from a partner. The case is proceeding to a final hearing and an issue as to cognitive functioning was raised by an expert in the case. Marie made an application for Part 25 Continue reading

Keeping a family together with appropriate support

Sandria represented the Father in a case involving five children. The two elder children were the Father’s by a wife who died, and he had cared for them as a single parent for three years. He subsequently had three further children with his current partner. Both parents have learning difficulties. The youngest child had sustained Continue reading

Supporting a Mother with learning difficulties

Sandria represented the Mother in a case involving her second child. The first child (a child with significant special needs) had already been placed in an SGO, and the Mother, Father and second child, a baby, were initially placed in a Parent and Child Foster placement. Both parents had a degree of learning difficulty. However, Continue reading

Representing a Father in allegations of sexual abuse

Michael represented the Father in care proceedings involving serious allegations of historic sexual abuse made against him by one of his adult step daughters, and his own adult daughter from a previous relationship, both teenagers at the time of the alleged abuse. There were also allegations of excessive alcohol consumption and associated domestic abuse by Continue reading

Support for a Mother to retain care of children

Corey represented the respondent Mother in care proceedings based on chronic neglect, and actual and threatened emotional and physical harm to three children. The parents both have learning disabilities, and possibly undiagnosed cognitive disabilities. A Part 25 application was made for a PAMS (Parenting Assessment Manual Software) trained independent social work parenting assessment. Since there Continue reading

Application for leave to oppose an adoption

Marie acted for a Mother in an application for leave to oppose an adoption. Following the placement of a child with prospective adopters for a significant time, such an application requires the parent to demonstrate a change of circumstances. This must demonstrate to the Court that she would have a serious prospect of success if Continue reading

Returning children, with support, to a Mother’s care

Sandria acted for the Mother in a case where a child had disclosed sexual abuse by the Father. The child had initially disclosed this to the Mother some time previously, but subsequently made further disclosures, of a more serious nature. Owing to the Father’s bail conditions, issues with alcohol and further disclosures, the Local Authority Continue reading

Representing a Guardian where a child has absconded from care

Marie represented the Children’s Guardian in this case where two children had been removed from their parents’ care. However one child had repeatedly absconded, although the other had settled into foster care. The absconding child will be assessed for competency to instruct their own Solicitor, as their viewpoint differs from the Guardian. The Local Authority Continue reading

Representing a Mother concerned about safeguarding

Marie represents a vulnerable Mother in care proceedings. Her child is in foster care, having been removed earlier in the proceedings as a result of the Mother’s drug use and mental health issues. Interim Care Orders have been agreed and will continue whilst drug testing and parenting assessments are carried out, and the matter is Continue reading

Representing a Mother following domestic violence

Marie represented a Mother who had fled to a refuge with the child following domestic violence. With the the Mother initially unrepresented at court, the court had ordered unsupervised overnight contact with the Father When Marie began representing her client, she successfully put forward the Mother’s case in respect of the violence she had suffered, Continue reading

Representing a Guardian and child

Marie represents a Father in a complex care case involving eight parties. Fortunately the Father has the care of his child in the interim pending a final hearing and has a CAO for the child alongside an Interim Supervision Order. Assessments are ongoing.  

Representing a Guardian and child

Marie represented the Guardian and child in this case where the Mother and baby were in a foster placement under a care order pending assessments. The court heard an argument between two local authorities about who was the designated authority. An Interim Care Order was made and the Mother and baby were placed together in Continue reading

Supporting a young Mother to avoid removal of her child

Kevin represented the young Mother of a child in care proceedings where there were concerns about low-level drug taking, domestic arguments between the parents and problems surrounding the Mother’s health. During the life of the court proceedings, a support package was put together so that care for the child was shared between the parents and Continue reading

Representing an Intervener

Marie represented an Intervener in a care case where serious allegations were made in relation to events in the past with his own children (who are not the subject of these proceedings). He accepted that some of the allegations were correct. A fact–finding hearing was listed to determine whether the Schedule of allegations made by Continue reading

Mother and baby placement

Marie represented the Guardian and child in this case where the Mother and baby are in a foster placement under a care order pending assessments. The court heard an argument between two local authorities about who was the designated authority. An Interim Care Order was made and the Mother and baby were placed together in Continue reading

Representing a Father with an Intermediary

Michael acted for a Father of a very young child. The Mother lacked capacity to conduct proceedings and was represented by the Official Solicitor. The Father was also initially found to lack capacity but an addendum psychological report concluded that he would be able to increase his involvement in the proceedings and even retain autonomy Continue reading

Avoiding unnecessary court proceedings

Kevin represented a Mother in court proceedings involving a young child. The Father had had no contact with his child for two years, since the Mother left the family home with the child following domestic violence. The Father kept the child’s passport. He now applied to the court for a child arrangements order. He did Continue reading

Representing young children through a Guardian

Marie represented two very young children in an application made by the Local Authority for Care Orders and placement for adoption orders. The children were found in circumstances of very poor home conditions and neglect and removed from the home by the Police. Subsequently, interim care orders were made at court and the children were Continue reading

Supporting a Mother with mental health issues

Marie represented a Mother at a final hearing of a case where the child had been removed just after birth under an interim care order. Her other child had already been made the subject of a final order care order and placement for adoption just prior to this child’s birth. The Mother had a number Continue reading

Successfully opposing an Interim Care Order

Marie represented a Mother in care proceedings in relation to two children. Previous proceedings (issued because of concerns regarding serious domestic violence by the Mother’s partner) had not long concluded with a Supervision Order, and the children remained with the Mother. Further allegations were then made that the Mother was again seeing the former Partner, Continue reading

Supporting a Father to retain children in his care

Sandria acted for a Father in a case where the Local Authority sought an interim care order and immediate removal of his children from his care. The Father had retained the children after contact on the advice of the Social Services department, as the Mother was involved with drugs and was associating with undesirable characters Continue reading

Protecting a child from a potential abuser

Michael is acting for a Mother in care proceedings regarding her daughter, a young teenager, where the Mother’s husband is the child’s stepfather. The case is concerned with recent allegations made against him by the husband’s own children (now adult) of historical sexual and physical abuse when they were children and young adults. He denies Continue reading

Application for non-molestation order

Marie represented the Mother of two children in a case where the care proceedings had recently finished with the court making a supervision order to the Local Authority. They had been seeking to remove the children as a result of domestic violence between the Mother and her ex-partner. The proceedings were commenced again because the Continue reading

Representing a new born baby

Marie represented a new born child in a case where the Local Authority wanted to remove the child at birth because of concerns about drug misuse and domestic violence which had previously led to an older sibling being removed. The Guardian agreed with the Local Authority’s application and care plan for the child. The court Continue reading

Representing a troubled teenager

Kevin represented a child in early teens, through a Children’s guardian. The child was beyond parental control and had absconded on numerous occasions, thereby becoming at risk. The case was listed by the court for a final hearing. By this time, the child had been placed with foster carers, and was enjoying a period of Continue reading

Returning alienated children to a Mother

Marie represented a Mother and successfully appealed a previous final order made by a District Judge. The Father had refused to return the children after holiday contact, and made very serious false allegations against the Mother to the Police and Children’s Services. Although none of these were later considered to be true by the Court Continue reading

Rare application for care by an older sibling

Marie represented an older sibling in a rare application to discharge a care and placement order by an adult sibling, in a case where the natural Mother had sadly and unexpectedly died. The child (a young baby) had been made subject to a final care order and placed for adoption a few months earlier. Marie’s Continue reading

Representing a child wishing to remain in foster care

Sandria represented a child through a Guardian. The child had been in long term foster care following long term drug and alcohol issues relating to the Mother. The child’s Father was not available or able to act appropriately with the Mother, creating a highly toxic and acrimonious relationship. The Mother was now fully rehabilitated and Continue reading

Prohibited steps order preventing relocation

Marie represented a Father in a case where he had been sharing care of his young child with the Mother after separation. As a result of an incident between the parents, the Police were called, following which a dispute arose between the parties. The Mother alleged domestic violence, which the Marie’s client disputes, and all Continue reading

Representing children via a Guardian

Marie represents the children via their Guardian in this case, where proceedings have been on-going for some time. The parents separated acrimoniously, and there are allegations of parental alienation on both sides. The difficulties are such that the Court ordered a Guardian to represent the children under rule 16.4. The children live with their Mother Continue reading

Defeating a Local Authority’s plan for adoption

Edward represented a first-time Father in care proceedings concerning a new-born baby. The mother of the child had a number of very serious convictions relating to her other children, and the baby had been placed in foster care at a few days old, before leaving hospital. The Father had profound learning difficulties, but sought to Continue reading

Seeking a Special Guardianship Order within care proceedings

Clive acted for a Grandmother seeking a Special Guardianship Order to care for her grandchildren. The Local Authority’s plan was for adoption. At first instance, before the Lay Justices, the Local Authority succeeded in its application for final care order and placement orders. However, Clive recommended that the decision should be appealed. Clive prepared the Continue reading

Clearing a Mother of allegations of physical harm

Clive represented a Mother at an interim care hearing where there were concerns about his client’s child having suffered significant physical harm. The Local Authority’s plan was to remove the child to foster care while further investigations were carried out. Clive successfully argued that a family placement would be more appropriate. This sensible approach to Continue reading

Returning children to family under strict supervision order

Ronald represented a Father in care proceedings where the Social Workers involved had described the case as, in their professional experience, the worst example of neglect that they had seen. The Local Authority’s position was bolstered by the parenting assessment of the Father and his partner by an independent social worker, who confirmed the Local Authority’s Continue reading

Dismissing allegations of sexual abuse against a Father

Philip represented a Father in a fact finding hearing relating to allegations of sexual abuse. Philip’s detailed and robust approach to his client’s predicament succeeded not only in getting all sexual abuse allegations against the Father dismissed, but also (in the welfare hearing) in discrediting the Local Authority’s experts to the extent that they have Continue reading

Returning children to a Father’s care

Philip represented the Father at the final hearing in care proceedings, where the Local Authority had made a negative assessment of his suitability as a carer for his children. Philip successfully argued against the Local Authority and the Guardian, persuading the Court that the Father had not been properly considered as a carer for his Continue reading

Helping a troubled family to avoid foster care

Sandria acted for the Respondent Father whose children had been removed to foster care, as a result of the Mother suffering severe mental health difficulties. Her client had been denied contact with his children for several years, despite private law proceedings. In addition, although no findings had been made, the Mother had made repeated allegations Continue reading

Enabling a young father to care for his baby

Marie represented a Father in a care case where the Mother had addiction problems and the young baby had been removed as a result. Marie’s client had been previously unaware that he had a child, but paternity testing confirmed him as the Father. He then became a party to the proceedings and was assessed. Initially, Continue reading

Supporting a Mother with significant learning difficulties

Marie represented a Mother of two young children, who has significant learning difficulties to the extent that she lacks capacity to instruct lawyers herself and the Official Solicitor is her Litigation Friend. In spite of her client’s difficulties, Marie successfully prevented the Local Authority from removing the children from her care at a hearing for Continue reading

Keeping a family together in the family home

Sandria acted for a Grandmother in a case where the Local Authority had issued care proceedings for four children, following neglectful care and appalling home conditions. Both parents had learning difficulties. The three younger children were placed with their Mother at Sandria’s client’s home, with the eldest child initially with other relatives. Following a negative Continue reading

Helping a vulnerable Mother retain care of her children

Marie represented a Mother of two young children. Marie’s client had significant learning difficulties to the extent that she lacked capacity to instruct lawyers herself and the Official Solicitor is her Litigation Friend. Marie is known for her sensitive approach working with vulnerable clients. In spite of her client’s difficulties, at a hearing for an Continue reading

Dismissing false allegations of sexual abuse

Philip represented a Father accused by the Mother of sexual abuse of their two children. Philip was successful in getting all the allegations dismissed, and his client’s relationship with the children returned to regular staying contact and half of school holidays.

Enabling a Father to be assessed as a carer for his children

Philip represented a Father at the final hearing in care proceedings, and successfully argued against the Local Authority and the Guardian that the Father had not been properly considered as a carer for all three of his children. The final hearing was adjourned to enable such assessment of Philip’s client to take place.

Representing a vulnerable Mother and children

Sandria acted for a Mother in a case which encompassed domestic violence incidents between the parents, and the Father being arrested for involvement in a child sexual abuse ring. Both parents were very young, and the Mother was severely traumatised by the late night removal of her child. There were trust issues, compounded by poor Continue reading

Keeping a family together after a tragic event

Kevin acted for the father of a young child. The family had recently suffered a tragedy and were struggling emotionally. The local authority was seeking the child’s removal from the parents’ care on the grounds of neglect, and had begun care proceedings. Kevin was able to work sensitively with the family, and the local authority, Continue reading

Protecting a mother but enabling contact

Marie acted for a mother of very young children who had suffered domestic violence. After a successful fact finding hearing where findings of domestic violence were made against the father, and after 6 months on a domestic violence perpetrators’ course, supervised contact commenced. This gradually became unsupervised contact in circumstances where Marie’s client did not Continue reading

Helping a father re-establish contact

Ronald represented a father in private law proceedings where the mother was reluctant to agree to the children seeing the father. The mother’s position was that the children had decided that they no longer wanted to see their father. Ronald’s client had been offered a ‘take it or leave it’ contact arrangement of a maximum Continue reading

Enabling a mother to retain care of her children

Ronald represented a mother of four children in care proceedings. At the first hearing, the matter was listed for immediate removal of the children from the mother’s care and this application was supported by the guardian for the children. Ronald was able to persuade the court that the mother should be allowed the opportunity to Continue reading

Supporting a step-father through contested adoption

Sophie represented a step-father in a rather unusual application for adoption. The child had resided with the mother and step-father for a period of eleven years, following allegations and subsequent conviction of the biological father for cruelty against the child. The adoption application was strongly opposed by the biological father, who appeared in person. Throughout Continue reading

Representing a Mother with severe mental health difficulties

Sandria represented a Mother whose three children had been removed her care into foster care placements. Sandria’s client had pre-existing and continuing mental health difficulties, and the Local Authority had had great difficulty in dealing her, as had she was seemingly unable to understand their concerns, and very reluctant to engage in any meaningful way. Continue reading

Supporting a Father in a complex care case

Sandria acted for a Father of two children, the eldest of four who had been removed from the care of the Mother. The Mother had some mental health difficulties, and assessments were required as to how the four children could best be cared for. Initially, the Father of the youngest child had the child in Continue reading

Maintaining Contact between a Mother and children

Marie represented a Mother with substance misuse and mental health issues as a result of her poor childhood experiences. During the proceedings, Marie’s client was not able to successfully address those issues and become abstinent. As a result it was clear that she was unable to care for the children safely. Marie’s sensitive and supportive Continue reading

Maintaining contact between father and child

Sandria acted for a Father in a case where four children had been removed from the Mother’s care. The children all had different fathers, each of whom had put themselves forward to care for their own child. With Sandria’s representation, although his child remained in foster care, her client achieved good contact arrangements. These would Continue reading

Maintaining contact with a child

Sandria represented a Mother through fact finding and final hearing in a case in which the child had suffered severe injuries. This was a sensitive and difficult case, as Sandria’s client not only accepted from the outset that she had failed to protect the child from significant harm, but also had drug abuse problems and Continue reading

Returning a child to a mother’s care

Sandria represented a Mother throughout a case which involved alcohol and drug misuse, coupled with the death of a child while in the client’s care. Sandria’s particular approach was to establish a good working relationship with her client, working with her in a non-judgmental, supportive and encouraging way. This helped the Mother to address her Continue reading

Appealing fact-finding on behalf of a mother

Philip represented a mother in care proceedings that went on appeal from fact-finding decisions and then to a further final hearing. He successfully appealed all the serious findings of fact made against the parents. In the final hearing, he further succeeded in obtaining a finding that the threshold criteria were not made out and that Continue reading

Contact orders complicated by custodial sentence

Marie represented the mother in a contact application by the father, who had been serving a prison sentence since the child’s birth and had drug and alcohol problems. A period of supervised contact was tried but was unsatisfactory, and proceedings lasted for two and a-half years. Testing showed that the father continued to have issues Continue reading

Supporting a father with mental health issues

Marie represented a father in care proceedings in his application for contact with his child. Her client had complex problems of drug addiction and serious mental health issues. There were also issues of domestic violence. Despite this, he was assessed positively, and Marie’s experience of working with parents struggling to cope with similar problems helped Continue reading

Special Guardianship Order for grandmother

Marie successfully represented a grandmother in an Appeal to the County Court where an Interim Care Order for removal of her grandchild was made against the parents in the Family Proceedings Court.  The child had been placed in foster care. This was overturned by the County Court, who placed the child with the grandmother. A Continue reading

Mother and baby placement

Marie represented a father in proceedings where he and the mother were jointly caring for their newborn having successfully resisted a removal at birth. The mother had had previous children removed from her care, but time had elapsed. With Marie’s help, the couple was able to convince the Court that the baby should remain in Continue reading

Securing parental contact in a foster care case

Marie acted for a father with serious mental health and addiction issues in case in the Family Proceedings Court. Although the final outcome for the children was long-term foster care, Marie was successful in securing for her client on-going long-term contact, enabling him and his children to maintain a relationship.

Supporting a teenage mother and her child

Marie represented a teenage mother in the County Court who was alleged to have inflicted a non-accidental injury on her child. The Local Authority was seeking to remove the infant from her care. With Marie’s help, the application for an interim order with removal to foster care pending the final hearing was successfully resisted. Experts Continue reading

Helping a mother regain care of children

Marie represented a mother in the County Court in a case where the concerns were about her inability to separate from a violent partner who was the father of her two young children. The Court made a final order for the children to be adopted. Marie took this case to the Court of Appeal. As Continue reading

Representing a vulnerable mother

Kevin represented a mother of multiple children in proceedings involving allegations of gross neglect, drug abuse and domestic violence, which was listed for final hearing. Due to mental health issues and cognitive difficulties, the mother was regarded as a vulnerable party. Kevin’s sensitive handling of the case, including over the course of a two-day trial, Continue reading

Fighting care order and removal from mother’s care

Philip represented a mother on a Local Authority’s application for an interim care order and removal of the children from the mother’s care. [O1] Despite the circumstances, he was successful in avoiding both removal and a care order. On being told of the result by email the instructing solicitor’s response was “Remarkable! Many thanks.”   Continue reading

Enabling a father to retain care of his baby

Philip represented a father on the Local Authority’s application for an interim care order to remove the child, a baby, from his care. The case involved Philip’s skill in drafting careful written submissions on the law and facts, which resulted in the Local Authority accepting that the child could remain living with the father.

Special Guardianship Order for grandparents

Edward acted for the grandparents in an application for a Special Guardianship Order for their grandchildren. It was alleged that the mother had neglected the children and was unable to look after the child The mother contested, but the Court would grant the Special Guardianship Order in favour of the grandparents.

Acting for a Father in a complex fact-finding

Edward acted as junior counsel for a Father in a complex fact-finding in the High Court in care proceedings concerned with allegations of the abuse and exploitation of children and child prostitution. The Court would order that the Father’s child should return to live with him.  

Care proceedings involving non-accidental injuries

Edward represented a mother during fact-finding hearing in care proceedings where a five-month old child was found to have multiple rib fractures, multiple arm fractures, a leg fracture and bruising. All fractures were found to be non-accidental injuries which had been inflicted on more than one occasion. It was the view of the local authority, Continue reading

Child sexual abuse / exploitation case with jurisdictional issues

Clive acted for a respondent parent in lengthy fact finding hearings in the High Court that involved serious allegations including child prostitution, rape and drug misuse. The hearings generated a huge volume of paperwork which needed to be assimilated and understood. The case dealt with jurisdictional issues as well as various applications concerning disclosure, whether Continue reading

Care Proceedings involving domestic and sexual abuse

Ronald acted for a mother in care proceedings at a three-day final hearing, involving issues of domestic abuse, sexual abuse, neglect and failure to protect. This case deals with Ronald’s skills in: * assimilating and prioritising large volumes of evidence * demonstrating to the court the efforts the mother had made to change and sustain Continue reading

Care Proceedings involving injury to a young child

Ronald acted for a father in care proceedings where the parents were alleged to have caused numerous fractures to their infant child. The father disputed that he had harmed the child despite both experts agreeing that the x-rays showed the presence of fractures. This case particularly illustrates Ronald’s skills in: * dealing with sensitive issues Continue reading

Preventing Removal

Philip acted for a mother in opposing the removal of her child from her care. He was successful in defeating the application for an interim care order, which led to the child remaining permanently with the mother.

Non-accidental injury

Philip represented a father and succeeded in avoiding any non-accidental injury findings against his client despite expert and other evidence against him. The local authority and medical experts’ case was that the mother and/or the father must have intentionally inflicted the child’s injuries. Extensive cross-examination and submission led the court to accept the father’s case Continue reading

Preventing Removal

Philip acted for the father at the final care hearing, to successfully prevent the removal of a child from both parents. The mother, with whom the client lived, had had all other children removed from her care. The local authority and expert psychological evidence was entirely against the parents, but detailed cross-examination of the social Continue reading

Child prostitution and international law

Philip acted for a father in a High Court multi-handed care case that took up over two months of court time, and involved the abuse and exploitation of children, including child prostitution. The case required his particular expertise in dealing with international and cross-cultural elements, specifically relating to Eastern Europe, as well as extremely complex Continue reading

Mother and new partner seeking to adopt

Christopher acted for a mother and her new husband – with whom the children had developed a particularly good relationship and who sought to adopt the children. The father objected. Christopher successfully persuaded the court to grant the adoption.

Care proceedings where Mother had mental health issues

Christopher acting for a mother at the final hearing and on appeal where a Care Order had been sought as the result of his client’s neglect of her older children and of concerns about her mental health. This case involved Christopher’s particular skills in: acting for vulnerable clients with mental health issues ensuring his clients Continue reading

Special Guardianship for a grandparent

Corey acted for a paternal grandfather in care proceedings brought against parents who had substance misuse and parenting issues. Corey met the grandfather at the first hearing, and stayed with the case all the way through to final hearing. He explained and supported the client through the process of becoming a party to the case, Continue reading

Designating a Local Authority.

Corey acted for one of three Local Authorities in care proceedings, where the mother had mental health issues. The main issue was which Local Authority had responsibility for the case, whether by reason of the mother’s ordinary residence, or because of the area in which her behaviour had deteriorated. The case required legal research and Continue reading

Child neglect/Resisting a Care Order

Corey acted for a client with substance misuse issues who was the father of three children who were made the subject of care proceedings. His client was accused of domestic violence, substance misuse and criminality. The mother had mental health difficulties and a child by a subsequent partner. Corey was able to work with his Continue reading

Reuniting a family after unexpected death in foster care

Corey acted for the father of two young children taken into interim care on basis of alleged domestic violence and neglect. The youngest child died unexpectedly in foster care from an unexplained cause, and the case transferred to High Court. Despite their grief, and with Corey’s support, both parents, who remained together, undertook various courses Continue reading

Keeping children within the extended family

Corey acted for a single young mother of two children, one autistic with ADHD, both of whom the local authority wanted taken into care on basis of the mother’s alleged inability to cope. Corey was able to communicate with this vulnerable client sensitively and effectively, and guided her through the complex trial and appeal processes. Continue reading

Representing a child in Care Proceedings

Melanie acted for a 15 year old with subtle but far-reaching speech and language difficulties. The child had very poor impulse control, low inhibitions, repeatedly self-harmed and absconded from both home and foster care placements. In an extreme decision the child was placed into a Detention Centre for her own safety for 6 months overall, Continue reading

Roma Slovakian parents

Melanie acted for Roma Slovakian parents at Court in a trial involving the use of translators, cultural and jurisdictional issues, and a child with disabilities. She successfully obtained an order that the child be retained under a supervision order.

Keeping a child in extended family care

Kevin represented the mother and maternal grandmother in proceedings where there were allegations of domestic violence and alcohol abuse against both parents, who had separated. The allegations were proven against both parents and the judge ruled that the child could not be placed in the care of either of them. The Local Authority wanted to Continue reading

Child sexual abuse

Kevin represented the parents in a case where the father was accused of sexually abusing the oldest child. Having removed the children from the family under interim care orders, the local authority sought to prove the allegations and to have all of the children placed permanently in care. The parents denied the allegations and sought Continue reading

Child sexual abuse/physical and emotional abuse

Kevin represented the children in High Court proceedings where the parents were accused of sexual abuse and child cruelty against their own children. Both parents were represented by leading and junior counsel and the proceedings were strongly contested. In addition to disputing the factual allegations, points of law and procedure were raised on behalf of Continue reading

Keeping children within the extended family

Mike acted as Senior Junior Counsel for a Slovak parent in a four week fact finding hearing in the High Court involving two other Slovak/Czech families, with serious allegations of child sexual exploitation, prostitution, rape and drug use. There were ongoing criminal proceedings, and the case involved Mike’s expertise in: assimilating large volumes of police Continue reading

Non-accidental injury

Mike acted for two young children (the younger of whom was born with multiple health problems) who had sustained serious non-accidental injuries. The older child had sustained a serious injury at under 3 months which had been accepted as accidental. However when the younger child presented with similar this was re-examined and more injuries were Continue reading

Special Guardianship Order to grandparents

Mike acted for a young mother with learning difficulties in a case involving serious allegations of non-accidental injuries to a baby, for which the court held the father (who had similar difficulties) to be probably responsible. With Mike’s representation, a Special Guardianship Order made to the child’s grandparents, allowing supervised contact with both parents.

Placing a child in father’s care

Mike acted for an Italian father who was alleged to have been violent to the mother of their very young daughter. The original plan was one of adoption but after establishing that the main problem was in fact the mother’s mental health, Mike was able to persuade the court that the child should be placed Continue reading

Contested interim care order

In a case involving 10 children, Mike acted for a 14 year old boy considered competent to give separate instructions in a contested application for an interim care order which lasted 6 days.

Acting for a child

Mike acted for a nine year old girl who ran away from her mother to seek out her maternal grandmother, alleging that she had been assaulted by her mother’s partner. The case involved a total of six parties and the mother’s partner as intervener, and was one of the first cases involving the imposition of Continue reading

Care proceedings involving domestic violence

Mike acted for a father in one of the first cases involving marital rape. The care proceedings, which concerned three young boys, also included serious allegations of domestic violence and neglect resulting in injunctive and exclusion orders and non-contact orders. The father was also subject to serious criminal proceedings. The final hearing lasted 11 days Continue reading

Special Guardianship Order

Sophie represented a couple who sought the making of a Special Guardianship Order for a child currently residing with them. The nature of the case was complex as the applicant couple were family to the parents from whom the child was to be removed from. The case called for extreme sensitivity particularly as both parents of Continue reading

Opposing an Interim Care Order

Sophie represented a father in opposing the making of an Interim Care Order. The application was made by the Local Authority, based on a history of domestic abuse between the parents that spanned several years. Both parents had significant mental health issues that had also raised concerns with the Local Authority. Sophie’s ability to build Continue reading

Opposing an Emergency Protection Order

Sophie represented a father and successfully opposed the making of an Emergency Protection Order sought by the Local Authority. Due to the nature of the application, the matter was dealt with under severe time constraints. This case illustrates Sophie’s ability to act quickly and effectively in situations requiring urgent action. By its very nature, an Continue reading

Children and adoption issues in care arrangements

Melanie acted on behalf of the Respondent in a five-day contested hearing involving care proceedings and the possibility of adoption proceedings. The Court ruled in favour of the Respondent’s proposal.

Non-accidental injury

Sandria’s client in this case was part of the ‘pool of perpetrators’ in a case of serious non-accidental injury to a child. The case made particular use of Sandria’s skills in: research into medical issues – in this instance, brain injuries, bleeds on the brain and the movement of the brain on impact, cross-examination of Continue reading

Acting for grandparents in a foster care situation

Sandria acted for a grandmother in a case where several children had been removed from the mother and her current partner into foster care, initially due to neglect. Whilst in foster care it became clear that the children had also been the victims of sexual abuse. Sandria’s client was the grandmother of only one of Continue reading

A father’s Primary Care Order

Sandria represented a father in a Bangladeshi family with a young baby. The mother had severe mental health issues and the baby was with foster carers. Her client’s aim was to be appointed Primary Carer for the baby so that the child could remain with its parents in the future. Sandria’s approach to this case Continue reading

Supporting a mother with mental health issues

Sandria represented a Lithuanian mother with older children. Due to the mother’s serious mental health issues, the children had been in foster care for several months. The local authority aimed to have her children rehomed with relatives, but they were a considerable distance from the mother. Particularly valuable in this case were: Sandria’s ability to Continue reading

Defeating Interim Care Order Applications

Child protection concerns arising from a domestically abusive relationship between parents caused the local authority to issue care proceedings to remove the children of the couple from their care and place them in foster homes. Louisa worked with and advised the parents and extended family members with the result that they were able to propose Continue reading

Mother and baby placement

Louisa represented a young and vulnerable mother and was able to persuade the other parties and the court that a mother/baby placement should be tried rather than the baby being removed from the mother’s care. Louisa’s client was allowed a 12-week assessment of her parenting capacity whilst benefitting from the advice of an experienced foster Continue reading

Parents accused of non-accidental injury of their child

Louisa acted for a parent suspected of causing a non-accidental injury to their child, who had sustained a fractured leg and bruising. This case required Louisa to: sensitively manage the emotional issues of the case identify and instruct appropriate medical experts, given a family history of medical conditions that may have provided some alternative explanation Continue reading

Special Guardianship

Holly represented grandparents in proceedings in which the Local Authority were seeking to have the children adopted. The children’s father was blind and the mother had a very low IQ; both had been assessed as not able to care for the children. Holly represented the grandparents at the final hearing, at which they were seeking Continue reading

Contested interim care order

Holly represented a client with serious mental health issues in proceedings in which the Local Authority were seeking to remove her children pending further assessments. The client was being supported by a Crisis team and attended court with a number of professionals. The case involved Holly in dealing with: a client who found the proceedings Continue reading

Child sexual exploitation

Holly acted as a junior in a 4-week fact-finding trial in the High Court involving serious allegations of drug use and dealing, prostitution, rape, and child sexual exploitation. The case involved a number of Eastern European families. The case involved Holly in dealing with: receipt of large volumes of Police evidence applications for Public Interest Continue reading