Public Law Children Cases

Supporting Father to have young children placed in his care

Sandria acted for the Father in a case involving several children. The Mother’s new partner had remained unchecked by Social Services despite several referrals that the children were suffering neglect and possible physical abuse. Two older children moved out as a family arrangement with a paternal aunt. The two younger children, with a question mark Continue reading

Care plan for adoption and move abroad

Marie acted for a Father in a care case where the Mother could no longer care for the child because of her health and physical disabilities. The Father had never met the child, and was unaware of his existence until contacted during the care proceedings. A number of assessments of family members were negative until Continue reading

Representing a young child

Michael acted for the young Child in a Local Authority’s application for a care order. The Local Authority’s concerns related to drugs and alcohol use, neglect and domestic abuse between the parents, who had separated. Initially the Mother and Child were placed with relatives, but an Interim Care Order was subsequently granted and they were Continue reading

Representing a Father with mental health concerns

Marie represented the Father in a case where the children had been removed from him and his partner. The children were removed because of the parents’ drug use and mental health concerns. The Local Authority care plan was for the children to live with the Father’s parents under a Special Guardianship Order and have contact Continue reading

Representing an aunt caring from children removed from parents

Marie represented an Aunt in a case where the children were removed from their parents due to allegations of physical abuse. The Children were placed with the Grandmother and Aunt and remained there under interim Child Arrangements Orders whilst the allegations were investigated and the family assessed. The Aunt is undergoing a Special Guardianship assessment Continue reading

Defending against interim supervision order by local authority

Cara acted for the Respondent Mother when an interim supervision order application was brought by the local authority, requesting immediate removal of three children from the Mother. Following Cara’s representation it was ordered that all children are to live with Mother under a supervision order and written agreement.

Acting for Mother to retain care of children

Cara acted for the Respondent Mother when an application was made by the local authority for an interim supervision order. The local authority was seeking for two of the children to live with their Father and the other to live with a maternal family member. The Mother was contesting the application, wishing for all children Continue reading

Interim care order

Cara acted for the Mother in an application for an interim care order. The order itself was not opposed, however, separation was with certain directions also being sought. The interim care order made, separation was ordered in the interim with the Local Authority directed to continue searches for placements, and directions made.

Emergency Protection Order

Cara acted for the Respondent Mother in an Emergency protection order application, as the child was placed under a section 20 agreement and the Mother had inferred she was going to revoke her agreement. An Emergency protection order for 8 days was granted.

Special guardianship order to maternal uncle

Corey acted for an intervenor in a public law/care case involving two children, which followed on from public law proceedings concerning five older children. All the children had special needs. Special guardianship to maternal uncle was recommended, but was not accepted by the Father. Fact finding and final hearing were combined, involving the Mother and Continue reading

Seeking to return a baby to parents’ care

Marie represented a Father in a case where a new born baby was removed from his and his partner’s care because of concerns. Both parents went into a Parent and Child foster placement for a period of time and did well, but they separated as a couple and left the placement. They reunited afterwards, but Continue reading

Complex care case involving multiple parents and children

Michael represented one of two fathers in complex care proceedings involving several children from infancy to teens. The case involved complex relationships involving two mothers (M1 and M2) and two fathers (F1 and F2). Michael acted for the Father (F1) of the third child (referred to below as E). The local authority had been involved Continue reading

Protecting a Mother and children from a violent Father

Michael Batt represented the maternal grandmother in a case concerning a young child who was living with the mother and her partner, who is not the child’s father. Proceedings commenced following an anonymous referral to Social Services expressing concerns about bruises all over the child’s body, possibly caused by the mother’s partner, and that the Continue reading