Allen Worwood – Pupil

Allen is currently a pupil in Chambers undertaking his first six and is looking forward to commencing work in all of Chambers’ practice areas from August 2020.

Before switching to a career at the Bar, Allen was a strategic consultant specialising in branding projects with government, corporate, and third sector clients across multiple industries.

He worked with and advised high-level stakeholders and clients alongside coordinating multi-disciplinary teams, often managing projects and presenting company initiatives and proposals to clients. Allen’s previous projects have covered PR and crisis management, brand incubation, positioning and development remits, and legal and market research.

Having studied law whilst writing his dissertation on the EU and UK asylum systems, Allen discovered his passion for advocacy and was first motivated to pursue a career at the Bar after spending time advising and representing clients in the social security system, with a decisive moment being winning a case for a client in front of a First-Tier Tribunal. He has pursued his passion for voluntary and pro bono work through volunteering for several organisations, and as a result is confident in and enjoys representing clients in a range of challenging circumstances.

On completing his legal studies, Allen gained experience as a County Court advocate, representing clients in small claims matters, interim applications, and settlement hearings in County Courts across Greater London, and also gained legal experience investigating cases against healthcare professionals as part of a tier 1 nationally-ranked professional regulatory department.

Allen’s diverse professional background has allowed him to develop well-rounded advocacy skills, client care expertise, and a strong sense of commercial awareness which he is keen to use in his practice.