Clive Styles's Children - Private Law (CAP) Cases

Child contact dispute

The case involves a High Court challenge to (Judicial Review of) the Council’s Housing Policy whereby individuals with outstanding debts to social housing providers were deemed ineligible for the Council’s Housing List. The Court considered submissions regarding the relevant statutory provisions (sections 160ZA and 166A Housing Act 1996, as amended by the Localism Act 2011). Continue reading

Contested contact dispute

Clive represented a Mother who sought to oppose the Father’s application to have staying contact with his son in a European country in which he was resident. The case involved a number of safeguarding issues including past domestic abuse, failure to seek proper medical treatment for the child and the use of illegal drugs. Clive Continue reading

Permission to remove from the jurisdiction

Clive represented a Mother seeking the permission of the court to remove her children from the jurisdiction so that they could all go and live abroad permanently. The case was of huge importance to the client as it involved a plan for a complete change of lifestyle for her and the children. Clive advised his Continue reading

Enforcing an application on behalf of a Father

Clive acted for a Father in a long-running application for contact with his child. The Mother engaged only sporadically with the proceedings and failed to comply with orders made on a number of occasions. Clive recommended that enforcement proceedings be issued and thereafter persuaded the Court to make both an enforcement order requiring the Mother Continue reading

Representing a father

Clive represented a father accused of rape and serious sexual assaults. All allegations made against his client were found to be not proven and contact was re-established with the children.