Edward Kenny's Children - Private Law (CAP) Cases

Acting for a mother to reunite family

Edward acted for a mother whose eldest child was resident with the father .The mother had not  seen the child for two years following the parental separation. After a two-day hearing the court ordered shared care arrangements.

Acting for a father

Edward acted for a father in a case where his client had not seen his child for a protracted period. The mother had made allegations of domestic violence, drug and alcohol abuse. The court ordered that the father should be able to spend time with his child immediately and without the need for supervision.

Acting for a mother

Edward acted for a mother during three-day private law final hearing. The local authority was recommending unsupervised arrangements for the father. The mother was opposed to unsupervised arrangements without the father undertaking an anger-management programme. In spite of the local authority recommendation, the court held that father had to undertake such a programme before arrangements Continue reading