Edward Kenny's Divorce & Matrimonial Finance Cases

Securing assets in a disputed order

Edward represented a Wife in matrimonial finance proceedings which had concluded some years ago. However the Husband had maintained opposition to the implementation and specifics of an order that had been ordered by the Court at the conclusion of a Final Hearing. Edward secured a detailed order, precisely as sought by the Wife, which both Continue reading

Wife receiving majority of capital assets

Edward acted for a Wife in financial proceedings after a long marriage. With his support, the matter was settled at FDR. It was agreed that there would be a sale of the former matrimonial home, and that Edward’s client would receive 95% of the net proceeds of sale. The Husband would pay the mortgage until Continue reading

Defending disproportionate claims by a wife

Edward acted for a Husband in matrimonial finance proceedings following a long marriage. The parties’ child was now in adulthood. Before Edward became involved, the Wife had defended the divorce and then made an application for maintenance pending suit, which had resulted in the Court making an order for interim periodical payments and a costs Continue reading

Negotiating agreement in a complex divorce settlement

Edward represented a Wife in financial proceedings brought by the Husband after a long marriage. The parties’ children had all turned 18, and the couple’s principal assets were in properties in the UK and abroad. There were also significant pensions, including some which were already in payment and others whose fund status had changed during Continue reading

Securing marital assets and a clean break for a husband

Edward acted for a husband at final hearing. The wife contended that there had been agreement at separation and husband had already received 50% of the capital at the time of separation. It was held that husband was further entitled to half of the remaining capital at the time of trial and a clean break.

Securing 75% of the marital home for a wife

Edward acted for a wife in a four-day final hearing. The husband sought the transfer of the former matrimonial home into his name. The wife sought an order for sale. It was held that the home should be sold. The wife was awarded in excess of 75% of the capital.  

Wyatt v Vince

Edward acted for Ms. Wyatt in the case of Wyatt v Vince [2015] UKSC 14 when it was originally heard in the High Court.