John Nee's Contract and Commercial Cases

Defending against a £20million claim

John acted for a Defendant in a case in which the Claimant was attempting to make a claim whose value, taking into account costs, investigative work, and legal fees, spiralled, at its highest, to £20 million. This figure would, if awarded, bankrupt John’s client.   The Defendant had been in practice as a high level Continue reading

Defending a claim for breach of contract and negligence

John acted for a Defendant business in a claim for breach of contract and negligence following the death of the proprietor, in which the Claimant sought to claim against the business, which was the estate of the deceased. The Claimant, the spouse of the deceased, sought to argue that amounts of money had been left Continue reading

Representing a commercial leaseholder

John acted on behalf of a commercial leaseholder, acting in negotiations and representing his client in a number of directions hearings involving several leased properties that were allegedly falling into disrepair. This case was crucial for John’s client as losing one case was likely to lead to floodgate litigation, which would bankrupt the client. John Continue reading

Resisting strike-out on the grounds of limitation

John successfully represented a commercial client in resisting the Defendant’s application for strike out on the grounds of limitation. Although the Defendant had a strong argument that his client was statute-barred from bringing a case outside of the 6 year limitation, John’s knowledge of commercial law meant that he was able to resist the application. Continue reading

Representing a borrower in a loan dispute

John acted on behalf of a borrower in a loan dispute against a major High Street bank. Despite the borrower’s loan account having being closed some years earlier and the limitation period having expired, the lender sought to recover the full amount. This case involved John’s detailed expertise and prolonged arguments on historical case law, Continue reading

Securing £0.25 million savings in a supply contract dispute

John acted for a local authority in a case involving a supplier who claimed numerous and significant breaches of a supply contract by the local authority. John successfully persuaded the Court that an on-going contract with the drinks supplier was null and void, despite the claimant arguing that the contract was valid, and on-going. In Continue reading

Securing business terms

A dispute between two companies, each of whom had supplied their own contract, and claimed that their own contract was relevant. If John’s client had to operate on the other side’s contract, they would be responsible for all fees and expenses within the business relationship. Known as a ‘battle of the contracts’, John compared the Continue reading