John Nee's Divorce & Matrimonial Finance Cases

Legal Services Order

The husband, a financial expert, was suspected of hiding away significant financial assets. The wife was unable to afford legal representation to trial, and was considering giving up. The husband was refusing to negotiate at all, and was waiting for the wife to run out of money. John successfully persuaded the court to make a Continue reading

Securing substantial matrimonial assets for a wife

In financial remedy proceedings acting for the applicant wife, John secured the equivalent of 75% of the overall matrimonial assets available for distribution. The husband sought to argue exceptional contributions. John conducted a lengthy, detailed examination of the witnesses in court to persuade the judge that there were hidden, undisclosed assets. This case required the Continue reading

Securing substantial matrimonial assets for a husband

The husband had paid substantial maintenance to the applicant wife for a number of years, and then fallen on financial hard times. John successfully argued that such contributions were exceptional, having compared the husband’s lifestyle to that of the wife, and that the entire case should be re-assessed in light of the husband’s new position. Continue reading

Resolving failure to provide maintenance

In a case involving a Premiership footballer, John advised on procedural matters, case funding, and failure to provide maintenance (spouse and child). The case particularly highlighted: the difficulties in a case where one party holds all of the wealth. John was able to advise the client of the implications of a legal services order, and Continue reading