Kevin Jackson's Children - Private Law (CAP) Cases

Representing a Father in an acrimonious situation

Kevin represented the Father of a young child. The parents had recently separated amid cross allegations of domestic violence and abuse, and the child was in the care of the Father, who was refusing to let the Mother have contact. The parents were in dispute as to which the child should live with, and the Continue reading

Support for a Father with a Child Arrangements Order

Kevin represented the Father of two children. At an earlier court hearing, the court had made an order that the children should live with their Father and spend time visiting their Mother, including overnight stays. The mother subsequently issued a further application, seeking to increase the amount of time that the children should spend with Continue reading

Resolving a conflict over a child arrangements order

  Kevin represented the mother of two children. The parents had separated, and the father, who had not seen the children for some years, applied for a child arrangements order. The mother was opposed to any face-to-face contact, since both she and the children alleged that there had been domestic violence against her, and excessive Continue reading

Reaching agreement on education

Kevin represented the mother in proceedings where there was a dispute between the parents as to which school the children should attend. Kevin gave advice as to what evidence should be obtained to support the mother’s case. At court, the judge considered the evidence in the case and ruled in favour of the mother. This Continue reading

Enforcing visiting rights

Kevin represented a father who wanted to see his child regularly. The mother had breached previous court orders and had stopped all visits. The mother was not legally represented and was verbally aggressive at court. At court, with Kevin’s assistance, the parents were able to agree a visiting regime which both parents were happy to Continue reading

Maintaining safe parental contact

Kevin represented a father who admitted to alcohol and substance misuse. There was a real risk that the court would rule that it would not be safe for the children to see their father. At court, the parents, through their legal representatives, we were able to agree a court order which enabled the child to Continue reading

Negotiating a shared care agreement

Represented a parent in highly charged proceedings where the parents could not agree who the child should live with. The proceedings were highly charged, with allegations and cross-allegations. Both parents had several witnesses to support their allegations and to speak for their abilities as a parent. Following negotiations, the parents agreed a shared care arrangement. Continue reading