Kevin Jackson's Public Law Children Cases

Supporting a young Mother to avoid removal of her child

Kevin represented the young Mother of a child in care proceedings where there were concerns about low-level drug taking, domestic arguments between the parents and problems surrounding the Mother’s health. During the life of the court proceedings, a support package was put together so that care for the child was shared between the parents and Continue reading

Avoiding unnecessary court proceedings

Kevin represented a Mother in court proceedings involving a young child. The Father had had no contact with his child for two years, since the Mother left the family home with the child following domestic violence. The Father kept the child’s passport. He now applied to the court for a child arrangements order. He did Continue reading

Representing a troubled teenager

Kevin represented a child in early teens, through a Children’s guardian. The child was beyond parental control and had absconded on numerous occasions, thereby becoming at risk. The case was listed by the court for a final hearing. By this time, the child had been placed with foster carers, and was enjoying a period of Continue reading

Keeping a family together after a tragic event

Kevin acted for the father of a young child. The family had recently suffered a tragedy and were struggling emotionally. The local authority was seeking the child’s removal from the parents’ care on the grounds of neglect, and had begun care proceedings. Kevin was able to work sensitively with the family, and the local authority, Continue reading

Representing a vulnerable mother

Kevin represented a mother of multiple children in proceedings involving allegations of gross neglect, drug abuse and domestic violence, which was listed for final hearing. Due to mental health issues and cognitive difficulties, the mother was regarded as a vulnerable party. Kevin’s sensitive handling of the case, including over the course of a two-day trial, Continue reading

Keeping a child in extended family care

Kevin represented the mother and maternal grandmother in proceedings where there were allegations of domestic violence and alcohol abuse against both parents, who had separated. The allegations were proven against both parents and the judge ruled that the child could not be placed in the care of either of them. The Local Authority wanted to Continue reading

Child sexual abuse

Kevin represented the parents in a case where the father was accused of sexually abusing the oldest child. Having removed the children from the family under interim care orders, the local authority sought to prove the allegations and to have all of the children placed permanently in care. The parents denied the allegations and sought Continue reading

Child sexual abuse/physical and emotional abuse

Kevin represented the children in High Court proceedings where the parents were accused of sexual abuse and child cruelty against their own children. Both parents were represented by leading and junior counsel and the proceedings were strongly contested. In addition to disputing the factual allegations, points of law and procedure were raised on behalf of Continue reading