Marie Crawford's Family Injunctions Cases

Application for non-molestation injunction

Marie represented the Mother in an application for a non-molestation injunction due to domestic abuse, which she successfully obtained. She also agreed an interim child arrangements order with her ex-partner in relation to the children, as he had issued an application for a child arrangements order. A third party was to do handovers, however the Continue reading

Grandparents as guardians

Marie represented grandparents as interveners in care proceedings. After assessment, and with the support of the parents who were unable to care for the children, Marie was successful in having their grandchildren placed with her clients, with a Special Guardianship order being made in their favour.

Non-molestation injunction

Marie represented a father who had the care of the couple’s children in an application for a non-molestation injunction and occupation order against the mother. Following a contested hearing, the orders were eventually made for the mother to leave the home and the father to remain there with the children.

Non-molestation injunction

Marie acted for an elderly woman to obtain a non-molestation injunction against her son, who lived in her home and was being abusive to her. The orders were made by the Court, forcing him to leave the home with immediate effect.

Non-molestation injunction & Occupation Order

Marie represented a woman in an application for a non-molestation injunction and occupation order against her former partner, following allegations of violence. There were children involved, also alleged to be at risk. The case additionally involved a fabricated allegation he had made to the Police about Marie’s client, which the Police did not treat as Continue reading