Michael Batt's Public Law Children Cases

Representing a young child

Michael acted for the young Child in a Local Authority’s application for a care order. The Local Authority’s concerns related to drugs and alcohol use, neglect and domestic abuse between the parents, who had separated. Initially the Mother and Child were placed with relatives, but an Interim Care Order was subsequently granted and they were Continue reading

Complex care case involving multiple parents and children

Michael represented one of two fathers in complex care proceedings involving several children from infancy to teens. The case involved complex relationships involving two mothers (M1 and M2) and two fathers (F1 and F2). Michael acted for the Father (F1) of the third child (referred to below as E). The local authority had been involved Continue reading

Protecting a Mother and children from a violent Father

Michael Batt represented the maternal grandmother in a case concerning a young child who was living with the mother and her partner, who is not the child’s father. Proceedings commenced following an anonymous referral to Social Services expressing concerns about bruises all over the child’s body, possibly caused by the mother’s partner, and that the Continue reading

Representing a Father who is also a Stepfather

Michael represented the Father of the younger of two children. There are two young children involved in this matter, with separate fathers. Michael’s client lives with the Mother of both children and has always also looked after the older child as his own. The older child does now see his biological father, who is also Continue reading

Unusual Special Guardianship case

Michael represented a pre-teen child whose Mother had sadly died as a result of ill health. The Stepfather, who the child had previously believed was the Father, had abandoned the child and wanted no part in caring for the child following the Mother’s death. So the child had effectively suffered a double bereavement and was Continue reading

Representing a Father in neglect of a very young baby

Michael represents the father in a case concerning a baby whose Mother is a teenager and has been subject to a Child Protection Plan. The Father, Michael’s client, is also a teenager, with a substantial history of involvement with the police. The Local Authority’s concerns relate to the abusive nature of the parents’ relationship, the Continue reading

Multi-issue case involving possible non-accidental injury

Michael represents a Father in a case involving unexplained and possibly non-accidental injury to a young child. The case involved a failure to prioritise that child’s health and medical needs and further concerns about the ability of the parents to care for a new baby born very premature, with its own special medical needs. The Continue reading

Representing a Father in allegations of sexual abuse

Michael represented the Father in care proceedings involving serious allegations of historic sexual abuse made against him by one of his adult step daughters, and his own adult daughter from a previous relationship, both teenagers at the time of the alleged abuse. There were also allegations of excessive alcohol consumption and associated domestic abuse by Continue reading

Representing a Father with an Intermediary

Michael acted for a Father of a very young child. The Mother lacked capacity to conduct proceedings and was represented by the Official Solicitor. The Father was also initially found to lack capacity but an addendum psychological report concluded that he would be able to increase his involvement in the proceedings and even retain autonomy Continue reading

Protecting a child from a potential abuser

Michael is acting for a Mother in care proceedings regarding her daughter, a young teenager, where the Mother’s husband is the child’s stepfather. The case is concerned with recent allegations made against him by the husband’s own children (now adult) of historical sexual and physical abuse when they were children and young adults. He denies Continue reading

Keeping children within the extended family

Mike acted as Senior Junior Counsel for a Slovak parent in a four week fact finding hearing in the High Court involving two other Slovak/Czech families, with serious allegations of child sexual exploitation, prostitution, rape and drug use. There were ongoing criminal proceedings, and the case involved Mike’s expertise in: assimilating large volumes of police Continue reading

Non-accidental injury

Mike acted for two young children (the younger of whom was born with multiple health problems) who had sustained serious non-accidental injuries. The older child had sustained a serious injury at under 3 months which had been accepted as accidental. However when the younger child presented with similar this was re-examined and more injuries were Continue reading

Special Guardianship Order to grandparents

Mike acted for a young mother with learning difficulties in a case involving serious allegations of non-accidental injuries to a baby, for which the court held the father (who had similar difficulties) to be probably responsible. With Mike’s representation, a Special Guardianship Order made to the child’s grandparents, allowing supervised contact with both parents.

Placing a child in father’s care

Mike acted for an Italian father who was alleged to have been violent to the mother of their very young daughter. The original plan was one of adoption but after establishing that the main problem was in fact the mother’s mental health, Mike was able to persuade the court that the child should be placed Continue reading

Contested interim care order

In a case involving 10 children, Mike acted for a 14 year old boy considered competent to give separate instructions in a contested application for an interim care order which lasted 6 days.

Acting for a child

Mike acted for a nine year old girl who ran away from her mother to seek out her maternal grandmother, alleging that she had been assaulted by her mother’s partner. The case involved a total of six parties and the mother’s partner as intervener, and was one of the first cases involving the imposition of Continue reading

Care proceedings involving domestic violence

Mike acted for a father in one of the first cases involving marital rape. The care proceedings, which concerned three young boys, also included serious allegations of domestic violence and neglect resulting in injunctive and exclusion orders and non-contact orders. The father was also subject to serious criminal proceedings. The final hearing lasted 11 days Continue reading