“Good result. Thanks for all your help on this. From ‘car crash’ to success.”

Mr M from Solicitors Instructing Paul Tapsell – January 18

 “Could you pass on my grateful thanks to Paul Tapsell.  He certainly helped me a great deal and I am extremely grateful to you for that.”


Ms H Instructing Paul Tapsell through Solicitors – December 17

“…Thank you so much again for your excellent work in this matter especially on the very short notice of the hearing of the injunction application!…”

Mr S from a firm of Solicitors instructing Paul Tapsell – August 16

“….May I add, you certainly made a difference in the outcome of the case with your dealings with the other side prior to going before the Judge, and I am most grateful for your help….”

Mrs H instructing Paul Tapsell through the DPA scheme – June 15

“….The service from both our Barrister and the Clerks was not only excellent but pleasant also….”

Mr C & Mrs K instructing Paul Tapsell through the DPA scheme – Nov 11 to Jan 14