Philip Newton's Divorce & Matrimonial Finance Cases

Preserving assets in multi-asset case

Philip represented the Wife in a large and multi-asset case in which legal issues of both conduct and non-matrimonial property arose, and which was further complicated by the sale of an accountancy business. Philip was successful in preserving the vast majority of his client’s assets.

Multiple inheritances and family trusts

Philip acted for a Wife in an extremely complicated financial remedy dispute. The case involved issues about the extent to which assets derived from two sets of inheritances and multiple family trusts were to be regarded as matrimonial or non-matrimonial assets and/or as a relevant resource.

Retaining the matrimonial home for a Wife

Philip acted for a Wife in a complicated financial remedy dispute involving the use of multiple companies, a sham option agreement and a S.37 application. He was successful in defeating the Husband’s claims over Wife’s assets entirely, and retained the whole of the former matrimonial home for her.

Protecting a Husband’s pension after a long separation

Philip acted for the Husband in a dispute centring on his pension, and the length of time since separation. He was successful in restricting the Wife’s share of his client’s pension to a small percentage, with a clean break because of the time elapsed since the separation and the circumstances at that time.  

Securing a husband’s pension

Philip represented a Husband with a very substantial pension in a financial remedy case. He successfully defeated the Wife’s case that she should obtain a pension sharing order and spousal maintenance based on a shortfall in her income.

Varying a final financial remedy order

Philip represented a Husband and succeeding in having a final financial remedy order varied so as to allow his client to buy out the Wife’s share of the matrimonial home, rather than it being sold as previously ordered and as she wished.

Achieving a fair outcome for a husband in a carer role

Philip acted for a Husband who had fulfilled the role of carer whilst the Wife built up her career. He successfully settled the case to his client’s satisfaction, the husband receiving by far the greater share from the matrimonial home, a significant pension share and maintenance.

Reopening a 4 year-old financial order

Philip represented a wife, succeeding in re-opening a final financial order decided 4 years previously. He obtained a substantial increase in the capital payment in accordance with the set-aside principles set out in the Supreme Court’s decisions in Sharland and Gohil. His client was completely delighted.

Share of property

Philip acted for a wife in circumstances where the husband had claimed that he no longer had the proceeds of sale of the former matrimonial home. He was successfully in obtaining orders against the husband’s family members and an order that over £40,000 be paid into Court.

Obtaining possession of property

Philip acted for the wife, where the husband was refusing to co-operate with the sale of a house following final orders. He was successful in obtaining orders that his client should have possession of the house (and evict the other party), take over the sale and have her costs paid out of the other party’s Continue reading

Appealing a final order for financial remedy

Philip acted for the husband in an appeal against a final order for financial remedy. He was successful in appealing the order, and obtained a substantially greater share of the proceeds of the former matrimonial home for his client.

No award for wife

Philip acted for a husband, where his client had paid for and supported the wife’s move from abroad, and her obtaining professional qualifications in this country. In these unusual circumstances, he succeeded in obtaining an order that the wife receive nothing from the husband. “Upon meeting you for the first time that morning, I was Continue reading

Supporting a client with mental health issues

Philip acted on behalf of a husband whose highly successful career had been cut short by mental illness. Philip’s understanding and expertise enabled him to help his client cope with his mental health issues whilst also supporting him against an extremely acrimonious wife. With Philip’s help, the husband was able to advantageously settle his matrimonial Continue reading

A garden can be a need

Philip acted for a wife in financial remedy proceedings and succeeded in obtaining a higher settlement than usual to enable her to have a garden to pursue her love of gardening. An unusual decision, but an example of how carefully pursuing an unusual point can result in success for the client.

Totally intractable dispute – solved

Philip acted for a husband through the Direct Public Access Scheme in an intractable dispute over the marital property, in which the wife was representing herself. Philip’s considerable negotiation skills enabled him to succeed at the FDR stage in persuading the court and the wife to settle on his client’s suggested terms.

Hidden wealth

Philip acted for a wife in a complex dispute over matrimonial property and spousal maintenance in circumstances where the husband’s wealth was masked by international share arrangements and his company’s dealings. With Philips expertise and representation in this area, the hearing resulted in a substantial settlement in favour of the wife amounting to a great Continue reading