Ronald Edginton

Ronald's main areas of practice are Civil Law and Personal Injury, where he represents clients in small claims, fast and multi-track trials. He represents both Claimants and defendants, and his clients may be individuals or companies.

Ronald also acts in all areas of Family Law, including applications under the Family Law Act 1996 and is willing to attend court at short notice, especially in cases involving domestic violence. He specialises particularly in Public and Private Children cases, where he mainly acts for parents, but has also been instructed by Guardians.
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Ronald Edginton’s practice has been established in Canterbury, where he also lives, since 1991. He is a former health professional, who fulfilled his lifelong ambition to become a lawyer after studying law at Exeter University, gaining a Masters degree in International Business Legal Studies and choosing to go to the bar.

Ronald’s main area of practice is in all areas of Family Law, including applications under the Family Law Act 1996, and he is willing to attend court at short notice, especially in cases involving domestic violence. He specialises particularly in Public and Private Children cases, where he mainly acts for parents, but has also been instructed by Guardians.

His wealth of experience – in terms of life experience, his former career in Health and within the arena of law – enables him to take a holistic perspective on his clients’ cases.

He has a particular reputation for being realistic and honest with his clients and for getting the best possible results, including through negotiations where necessary.

Ronald has been accredited to accept instructions directly from members of the public under the Direct Public Access Scheme.

Public Law Children

Ronald is regularly instructed in child care proceedings, including Section 38(6) and Emergency Protection Order applications.

He is mainly instructed on behalf of parents, but has on occasions been instructed on behalf of children’s Guardians. His cases have involved a variety of issues encompassing chronic neglect, physical abuse, non-accidental injury and sexual abuse.

He has experience in cross examination of expert witnesses.

Ronald Edginton's Public Law Children Cases

Returning children to family under strict supervision order

Ronald represented a Father in care proceedings where the Social Workers involved had described the case as, in their professional experience, the worst example of neglect that they had seen. The Local Authority’s position was bolstered by the parenting assessment of the Father and his partner by an independent social worker, who confirmed the Local Authority’s Continue reading

Helping a father re-establish contact

Ronald represented a father in private law proceedings where the mother was reluctant to agree to the children seeing the father. The mother’s position was that the children had decided that they no longer wanted to see their father. Ronald’s client had been offered a ‘take it or leave it’ contact arrangement of a maximum Continue reading

Enabling a mother to retain care of her children

Ronald represented a mother of four children in care proceedings. At the first hearing, the matter was listed for immediate removal of the children from the mother’s care and this application was supported by the guardian for the children. Ronald was able to persuade the court that the mother should be allowed the opportunity to Continue reading

Articles by Ronald Edginton

Children - Private Law (CAP)

Within Private Law proceedings Ronald has experience in all private law applications, but acts most frequently for parents, dealing primarily with residence and contact applications, where the parents are unable to agree where a child should live and/or on the arrangements for the child/ren seeing both parents.

These include cases of parental alienation, moving out and within the jurisdiction, allegations of physical abuse by the father and implacable hostility.

Ronald Edginton's Children - Private Law (CAP) Cases

Helping a father and son retain contact

Ronald represented a father who had become frustrated and at the point of giving up having a normal relationship with his child, because of the mother’s objections at every turn. This case involved a mother who was implacably hostile towards the child spending any time with the father. At every stage of what became protracted Continue reading

Enabling a child to have overnight contact with a father

Ronald represented a father through Direct Public Access regarding a long-standing dispute over having overnight contact. His client wanted a shared care order made. In this instance, Ronald had to advise him that based on the facts of the situation, that that type of order was unlikely. Furthermore, his considered advice to his client was Continue reading

Articles by Ronald Edginton

Ronald Edginton's Testimonials for Children - Private Law (CAP)

“Many thanks once again to you and your clerks for your assistance with this case at the eleventh hour. It has been greatly appreciated. I will certainly bear you in mind if I have any other hearings”

Mr C from Solicitors instructing Ronald Edginton – January 23

“…I am very grateful for all that Mr Edginton has done….Thank you once again for all of the help and assistance that has been afforded to me…”

Miss P instructing Ronald Edginton through the DPA scheme – May 16

Divorce & Matrimonial Finance


Ronald’s practice also includes divorce and financial provision, cohabitation disputes and financial provision for children. He represents either parent, and has particular experience in cases involving complex assets including overseas property.

Ronald frequently acts for the parent with whom a child lives – when the available assets make providing a suitable home for the child challenging. He is experienced in finding solutions which enable the parents to reach agreements which secure the child’s home, whether in the former matrimonial home or as a result of its sale.

His calm and reassuring manner helps him to reassure his clients during an emotional process, particularly helping them to remain focused during court proceedings.

Ronald Edginton's Divorce & Matrimonial Finance Cases

Securing assets for an emotional wife

Ronald represented, on a direct public access basis, a wife who was having difficulty managing her emotions and accepting the end of the marriage despite the husband’s cohabitation with a new partner. Whilst she wanted a significant proportion of assets that were in the children’s bank accounts to be ring-fenced, Ronald had to advise her Continue reading

Securing a home for a father and child

Ronald represented a husband whose health issues had prevented him from working for long periods. The wife was a ‘high-flying’ professional who had been the main earner during the marriage. The couple’s teenage child had chosen to live with the husband. The husband’s intention was to present a case that he would seek employment, that Continue reading

Securing a home for a mother and child

Ronald represented a wife in a case where the assets were under £200,000, primarily comprising the value of the former matrimonial home and some savings. The parties had a young child, who lived with the wife. With her earning capacity limited in comparison to her husband’s, the wife wanted a periodical payments order, and for Continue reading

Ronald Edginton's Testimonials for Divorce & Matrimonial Finance

“I would like to express my gratitude of thanks to Mr Edginton, his professionalism was outstanding and he explained everything to me thoroughly and knew the facts surrounding my case very quickly.

I would highly recommend Mr Edginton to anyone who needs legal representation.”

Ms E instructing Ronald Edginton through the DPA scheme – January 16

“….I am really impressed by how professional the contact has been on the telephone, by the bravery shown by Mr Edginton taking on such a case….he grasped all the information, he made me feel less scared….I am so grateful for your help….Thank you Mr Smith and Mr Edginton….”

Mrs N instructing Ron Edginton through the DPA scheme – February 15