Ronald Edginton's Children - Private Law (CAP) Cases

Helping a father and son retain contact

Ronald represented a father who had become frustrated and at the point of giving up having a normal relationship with his child, because of the mother’s objections at every turn. This case involved a mother who was implacably hostile towards the child spending any time with the father. At every stage of what became protracted Continue reading

Enabling a child to have overnight contact with a father

Ronald represented a father through Direct Public Access regarding a long-standing dispute over having overnight contact. His client wanted a shared care order made. In this instance, Ronald had to advise him that based on the facts of the situation, that that type of order was unlikely. Furthermore, his considered advice to his client was Continue reading

Refuting allegations of abuse by a father

Ronald represented a father in private law proceedings where the father was accused of physical and sexual abuse. The court clearly had to deal with the serious allegations first and a fact-finding hearing was conducted. The allegations were made by the young child, and were not confirmed when the child was interviewed by the police Continue reading