Ronald Edginton's Divorce & Matrimonial Finance Cases

Securing assets for an emotional wife

Ronald represented, on a direct public access basis, a wife who was having difficulty managing her emotions and accepting the end of the marriage despite the husband’s cohabitation with a new partner. Whilst she wanted a significant proportion of assets that were in the children’s bank accounts to be ring-fenced, Ronald had to advise her Continue reading

Securing a home for a father and child

Ronald represented a husband whose health issues had prevented him from working for long periods. The wife was a ‘high-flying’ professional who had been the main earner during the marriage. The couple’s teenage child had chosen to live with the husband. The husband’s intention was to present a case that he would seek employment, that Continue reading

Securing a home for a mother and child

Ronald represented a wife in a case where the assets were under £200,000, primarily comprising the value of the former matrimonial home and some savings. The parties had a young child, who lived with the wife. With her earning capacity limited in comparison to her husband’s, the wife wanted a periodical payments order, and for Continue reading

Securing more than 50% of assets for a wife

Ronald represented a Respondent wife through the Direct Access Scheme at a two-day trial at short notice. This was an involved case, where there was already a maintenance order made against the applicant husband in Belgium and a significant proportion of the assets, that amounted to only £350,000, being ‘ring fenced’ into the children’s bank Continue reading