Ronald Edginton's Public Law Children Cases

Returning children to family under strict supervision order

Ronald represented a Father in care proceedings where the Social Workers involved had described the case as, in their professional experience, the worst example of neglect that they had seen. The Local Authority’s position was bolstered by the parenting assessment of the Father and his partner by an independent social worker, who confirmed the Local Authority’s Continue reading

Helping a father re-establish contact

Ronald represented a father in private law proceedings where the mother was reluctant to agree to the children seeing the father. The mother’s position was that the children had decided that they no longer wanted to see their father. Ronald’s client had been offered a ‘take it or leave it’ contact arrangement of a maximum Continue reading

Enabling a mother to retain care of her children

Ronald represented a mother of four children in care proceedings. At the first hearing, the matter was listed for immediate removal of the children from the mother’s care and this application was supported by the guardian for the children. Ronald was able to persuade the court that the mother should be allowed the opportunity to Continue reading

Care Proceedings involving domestic and sexual abuse

Ronald acted for a mother in care proceedings at a three-day final hearing, involving issues of domestic abuse, sexual abuse, neglect and failure to protect. This case deals with Ronald’s skills in: * assimilating and prioritising large volumes of evidence * demonstrating to the court the efforts the mother had made to change and sustain Continue reading

Care Proceedings involving injury to a young child

Ronald acted for a father in care proceedings where the parents were alleged to have caused numerous fractures to their infant child. The father disputed that he had harmed the child despite both experts agreeing that the x-rays showed the presence of fractures. This case particularly illustrates Ronald’s skills in: * dealing with sensitive issues Continue reading