Sandria Murkin's Children - Private Law (CAP) Cases

Achieving mutually agreeable contact arrangements

Sandria acted for the Wife/Mother in a case which had been in proceedings for well over two years with a huge amount of acrimony between the parents arising from serious domestic violent issues and breakdown of the relationship. In addition to the couple’s child, there was also an older child from a previous relationship living Continue reading

Achieving mutually agreeable contact arrangements

Sandria acted for the Mother in a case where the Father sought a shared residence order. The parents were separated and had attended mediation. The Father sought for a shared residence order, despite his working commitments being such that the Mother managed all the child care. After an initial hearing in which Father appeared to Continue reading

Supporting a Father to reinstate contact with children

Sandria represented the Respondent Husband and Father in a case where the Wife had made ex-parte non-molestation application. Sandria’s client issued a statement refuting all allegations made by the Wife and containing his own allegations, and made a cross application for a non-molestation order. His main concern was to reinstate his contact with his children Continue reading

Supporting a Mother against violent and abusive Father

Sandria represented the Mother in a case where the Father was seeking to enforce a CAO which gave him contact with the couple’s youngest child. The child, now a teenager, was refusing contact with the Father. Sandria’s client, who had two other children, had fled the family home several years previously, and had subsequently been Continue reading

Supporting a Mother

Sandria represented a Mother, where the Father had made a further application to change a current CAO, which included changing the child’s arrangements from living with Mother to a shared care arrangement. The Father had previously applied to change the arrangements, but without changing the living arrangements. There was indication that the Father is controlling, Continue reading

Shared care agreement and agreement not to relocate

Sandria represented a Father in a case where the Mother wished to re-locate to another part of the country to live with a new partner. Sandria’s client had a close relationship with his child, having care every weekend. He had concerns about the status of the Mother’s new relationship, as well as about the profound Continue reading

Supporting a Mother with very low self-esteem

Sandria represented a Mother in a case where the extremely acrimonious relationship between the parents involved social services carrying out s 7 and s 47 reports. The Father had retained the child after contact, but after social services involvement the child was returned to the Mother’s care, with the Father having contact. There still remained Continue reading

Helping a Mother to provide stability for her children

Sandria represented the Mother in her application to alter the shared care arrangement made several months previously for two young children. The Mother had convictions for ABH and a restraining order against her in relation to the Father, but had now successfully completed a number of courses and the freedom project. In the meantime the Continue reading

Acting for a Father to achieve a shared care agreement

Sandria acted for a Father in a child arrangement application. Her client sought a defined contact and a shared care arrangement as the Mother was, despite agreeing contact at separation, beginning to withhold contact, or cancel it without proper cause. Through working closely with her client, Sandria was able to demonstrate the Mother’s controlling nature, Continue reading

Respecting the contact wishes of a child

Sandria acted for a Mother in a case where the child had requested that contact with the Father should cease. In response, the Father had issued an enforcement application and accused Sandria’s client of harassment. Throughout this case, between hearings, Sandria’s client was subject to constant harassment by the Father, both at home and in Continue reading

Dealing with implacable hostility

Sandria represented a father who wished to extend the currently minimal contact allowed with his child. The mother had been extremely hostile, to the extent of attacking Sandria’s client and his new partner, as well as making (unfounded) accusations against him. Sandria’s approach to the case has been to encourage her client to see the Continue reading

Child Arrangements Order

Sandria represented a mother who has experienced mental health, drug and alcohol abuse issues. When unable to cope with looking after her child, Sandria’s client had voluntarily and temporarily placed the child with the father. Despite improvements, the father was now refusing to allow the child to return to the mother’s care. Sandria’s particular approach Continue reading

Protecting a mother and young child from violence

Sandria acted for a mother who was separated from the father of their young child. The father had been violent during their relationship, and Sandra’s client was nervous that he was now seeking contact with his child. Sandria supported her client through the fact-finding, and was able to help her put her case effectively, even Continue reading