Sandria Murkin's Public Law Children Cases

Supporting Father to have young children placed in his care

Sandria acted for the Father in a case involving several children. The Mother’s new partner had remained unchecked by Social Services despite several referrals that the children were suffering neglect and possible physical abuse. Two older children moved out as a family arrangement with a paternal aunt. The two younger children, with a question mark Continue reading

Supporting a very young father

Sandria acted for a very young Father. It was clear that he needed a level of support and assistance with reading and understanding documents and proceedings. The parents had separated with the Mother in a Mother and Baby placement. The Local Authority had serious concerns about the parents’ abilities, but the Father was showing some Continue reading

Keeping a family together with appropriate support

Sandria represented the Father in a case involving five children. The two elder children were the Father’s by a wife who died, and he had cared for them as a single parent for three years. He subsequently had three further children with his current partner. Both parents have learning difficulties. The youngest child had sustained Continue reading

Supporting a Mother with learning difficulties

Sandria represented the Mother in a case involving her second child. The first child (a child with significant special needs) had already been placed in an SGO, and the Mother, Father and second child, a baby, were initially placed in a Parent and Child Foster placement. Both parents had a degree of learning difficulty. However, Continue reading

Application for leave to oppose an adoption

Marie acted for a Mother in an application for leave to oppose an adoption. Following the placement of a child with prospective adopters for a significant time, such an application requires the parent to demonstrate a change of circumstances. This must demonstrate to the Court that she would have a serious prospect of success if Continue reading

Returning children, with support, to a Mother’s care

Sandria acted for the Mother in a case where a child had disclosed sexual abuse by the Father. The child had initially disclosed this to the Mother some time previously, but subsequently made further disclosures, of a more serious nature. Owing to the Father’s bail conditions, issues with alcohol and further disclosures, the Local Authority Continue reading

Supporting a Father to retain children in his care

Sandria acted for a Father in a case where the Local Authority sought an interim care order and immediate removal of his children from his care. The Father had retained the children after contact on the advice of the Social Services department, as the Mother was involved with drugs and was associating with undesirable characters Continue reading

Representing a child wishing to remain in foster care

Sandria represented a child through a Guardian. The child had been in long term foster care following long term drug and alcohol issues relating to the Mother. The child’s Father was not available or able to act appropriately with the Mother, creating a highly toxic and acrimonious relationship. The Mother was now fully rehabilitated and Continue reading

Helping a troubled family to avoid foster care

Sandria acted for the Respondent Father whose children had been removed to foster care, as a result of the Mother suffering severe mental health difficulties. Her client had been denied contact with his children for several years, despite private law proceedings. In addition, although no findings had been made, the Mother had made repeated allegations Continue reading

Keeping a family together in the family home

Sandria acted for a Grandmother in a case where the Local Authority had issued care proceedings for four children, following neglectful care and appalling home conditions. Both parents had learning difficulties. The three younger children were placed with their Mother at Sandria’s client’s home, with the eldest child initially with other relatives. Following a negative Continue reading

Representing a vulnerable Mother and children

Sandria acted for a Mother in a case which encompassed domestic violence incidents between the parents, and the Father being arrested for involvement in a child sexual abuse ring. Both parents were very young, and the Mother was severely traumatised by the late night removal of her child. There were trust issues, compounded by poor Continue reading

Representing a Mother with severe mental health difficulties

Sandria represented a Mother whose three children had been removed her care into foster care placements. Sandria’s client had pre-existing and continuing mental health difficulties, and the Local Authority had had great difficulty in dealing her, as had she was seemingly unable to understand their concerns, and very reluctant to engage in any meaningful way. Continue reading

Supporting a Father in a complex care case

Sandria acted for a Father of two children, the eldest of four who had been removed from the care of the Mother. The Mother had some mental health difficulties, and assessments were required as to how the four children could best be cared for. Initially, the Father of the youngest child had the child in Continue reading

Maintaining contact between father and child

Sandria acted for a Father in a case where four children had been removed from the Mother’s care. The children all had different fathers, each of whom had put themselves forward to care for their own child. With Sandria’s representation, although his child remained in foster care, her client achieved good contact arrangements. These would Continue reading

Maintaining contact with a child

Sandria represented a Mother through fact finding and final hearing in a case in which the child had suffered severe injuries. This was a sensitive and difficult case, as Sandria’s client not only accepted from the outset that she had failed to protect the child from significant harm, but also had drug abuse problems and Continue reading

Returning a child to a mother’s care

Sandria represented a Mother throughout a case which involved alcohol and drug misuse, coupled with the death of a child while in the client’s care. Sandria’s particular approach was to establish a good working relationship with her client, working with her in a non-judgmental, supportive and encouraging way. This helped the Mother to address her Continue reading

Non-accidental injury

Sandria’s client in this case was part of the ‘pool of perpetrators’ in a case of serious non-accidental injury to a child. The case made particular use of Sandria’s skills in: research into medical issues – in this instance, brain injuries, bleeds on the brain and the movement of the brain on impact, cross-examination of Continue reading

Acting for grandparents in a foster care situation

Sandria acted for a grandmother in a case where several children had been removed from the mother and her current partner into foster care, initially due to neglect. Whilst in foster care it became clear that the children had also been the victims of sexual abuse. Sandria’s client was the grandmother of only one of Continue reading

A father’s Primary Care Order

Sandria represented a father in a Bangladeshi family with a young baby. The mother had severe mental health issues and the baby was with foster carers. Her client’s aim was to be appointed Primary Carer for the baby so that the child could remain with its parents in the future. Sandria’s approach to this case Continue reading

Supporting a mother with mental health issues

Sandria represented a Lithuanian mother with older children. Due to the mother’s serious mental health issues, the children had been in foster care for several months. The local authority aimed to have her children rehomed with relatives, but they were a considerable distance from the mother. Particularly valuable in this case were: Sandria’s ability to Continue reading