Sita Cox

Sita Cox is a highly regarded and sought-after Barrister who has been practicing law for 35 years. She joined Becket Chambers in 2022.

Her area of expertise is predominantly family law in which she represents spouses, cohabitees, single parents and children in matters relating to finance, custody and serious physical and sexual abuse allegations.

She is known for her pragmatic and no-nonsense approach, enabling her to obtain optimal outcomes given the circumstances. As an experienced lawyer, she is good at assimilating large amounts of information to glean what is pertinent so as to better help her clients to achieve their objectives.

Sita approaches stressful litigation proceedings with empathy and understanding and is able to simplify complicated law so that clients have a good understanding of proceedings and the options available to them.

This practicality means that when working with her clients one of her first priorities is to ensure they know what they want as an outcome. Understanding this, as well as knowing what is possible, is the key to making wise decisions.

She is calm, open, honest and transparent, which puts clients at ease and allows them to feel safe and in capable hands. Sita is adept at ‘reading’ people, and tailoring her communication style to suit their needs. The psychological welfare of her clients is very important to her.

Sita is a qualified Family Mediator. Using her vast experience of dealing with family matters she applies her creative and innovative techniques to facilitate those not wanting to embark on the legal route to resolve their issues outside the court room.

She is also a qualified Civil Mediator dealing in a variety of matters. (See Civil Mediation section.)

Her ability to remain neutral whilst dealing with two parties in conflict is a strength of hers. She is able to provide a space of psychological safety to allow each party to voice their grievances and move them forward in a positive and solution focused way to reach an amicable resolution and compromise.

Within the mediation context Sita is skilled at dealing with disputes. By using proven strategies, she is adept at helping her clients articulate their needs and concerns assisting them to bring clarity to their issues thereby enabling them to focus on achieving a good outcome. Whilst acknowledging the emotions involved in often fraught situations, she nevertheless provides her clients with a good and strong basis to resolve issues in a realistic and practical way. Her logical and critical way of thinking facilitates her clients to analyse their issues and risks and to approach matters in a practical way resulting in finding realistic solution which will be acceptable to both their solicitor and the court.

Sita is also a member of the F.M.A, Bar Council and the F.L.B.A and is qualified to accept Direct Access Instructions.

Public Law Children

Sita is regularly instructed in Public Children matters and represents parents, other family members i.e. grandparents or aunts/uncles and children in matters of care from basic neglect to the most serious cases of abuse.

She is highly accomplished at working with people with learning difficulties, where drug or alcohol dependency is a factor, or where communication needs to be through an intermediary or interpreter. She has worked extensively with non-English speakers.

She has great insight into the psychology behind addiction, trauma and other life stressors and approaches each case with compassion and understanding.  She always keeps the client’s best interests at the forefront of anything she does and works to solve problems enabling clients to deal with situations which are often extremely difficult and distressing.

Sita Cox's Testimonials for Public Law Children

“Sita is outstanding. I can always rely on her to go above and beyond on every case I instruct her on.”

Miss G from solicitors instructing Sita Cox – February 23

Divorce & Matrimonial Finance

Sita welcomes instructions in matrimonial finance matters as well as where inheritance act claims interact with financial remedy.

Her highly practical approach is focussed on seeking an outcome which is practicable regardless of if the case goes to court or the parties reach agreement themselves. Given that financial matters in law are complicated, she is adept at guiding the parties involved in easy-to-understand terms explaining what is possible and practical to help reach an acceptable solution

Articles by Sita Cox

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