Sophie Gray's Divorce & Matrimonial Finance Cases

Securing a fair settlement after a long marriage

Sophie acted for a wife in her application for financial provision following a long marriage of twenty-five years. The parties had accumulated substantial equity in a mortgage-free family home and both had healthy pension provisions. The matter was complicated by sizeable inheritance that was received by the husband near the end of the parties’ marriage. Continue reading

Protecting a wife’s position in light of health issues

Sophie acted for the Wife in a case where there was a single significant asset, the former matrimonial home. Throughout the parties’ 28-year marriage, both the Husband and Wife resided at the family home and contributed towards the mortgage. Following the breakdown of the marriage, the Husband left the family home but continued to pay Continue reading

Achieving a financial settlement in favour of a Wife

Sophie acted for a Wife in financial proceedings following a marriage of twelve years. There were two children of the marriage, who continued to live with the Wife. The parties jointly owned two properties, both of which were rented to tenants. Rather unusually in light of the circumstances, both parties resided in rented accommodation. Throughout Continue reading

Securing the family home plus costs for Wife

Sophie acted for a Wife in financial proceedings following a long marriage. The Husband was acting as litigant in person and had continuously failed to properly engage with proceedings or comply with directions made by the Court. Due to the difficulties posed by the Husband’s lack of compliance, Sophie had to adopt a robust approach, Continue reading

Enabling a husband to retain his home after a long separation

Sophie represented a Respondent Husband in financial remedy proceedings. The matter involved large assets, including two separate properties and cash in excess of £100,000. The matter was particularly unusual due to the time that had elapsed since the parties had separated. At the commencement of proceedings, the parties had been separated for some ten years Continue reading

Negotiating a greater financial settlement than originally sought

Sophie represented an Applicant Wife in financial proceedings. The parties had met in Asia and the Wife had made the move to live permanently with her Respondent Husband in England shortly afterwards. After a marriage of approximately ten years, the parties separated but remained living together. Throughout proceedings, the Wife remained in need of sufficient Continue reading