Acting for Claimant against uninsured driver

Personal Injury

29 November 2023

Cara acted for the Claimant in a fast-track road traffic accident trial. The Defendant was an uninsured driver, so the Motor Insurance Bureau (MIB) had been added as a party.

The Defendant, a litigant in person, did not dispute liability but did dispute quantum of the hire charges, the repairs amount (submitting he believed they were inflated) and general damages, as he did not believe the Claimant suffered an injury.

The MIB took issue with medical expenses since, according to the prognosis of the medical expert, the treatments were received after the injury should have resolved.

Judgment was entered in the Claimant’s favour in full for the hire charges and repairs. General damages were assessed in line with the guidelines. The medical expenses were not awarded, with the Judge accepting the MIB’s submission that the expenses could not have been accident related as the injury would have been resolved.

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