Achieving mutually agreeable contact arrangements

Sandria acted for the Wife/Mother in a case which had been in proceedings for well over two years with a huge amount of acrimony between the parents arising from serious domestic violent issues and breakdown of the relationship.

In addition to the couple’s child, there was also an older child from a previous relationship living with the Mother, and there were ongoing difficulties experienced by this child. The Mother had also experienced mental health difficulties, combined with drug and alcohol abuse.

The local authority became involved and supported the Mother with addressing her issues, with positive outcomes by this point.

More positive was the renewal of contact between the Father and his child which went extremely well, and the parents became able to communicate successfully, putting the welfare of the child at the forefront.

As a result, a final CAO was made with full agreement between the parents, including a significant amount of fluidity with the arrangements. It is now expected that the parents will be able to continue to communicate well and demonstrate to the children their desire to have a working relationship to benefit them in the future.

To have achieved such significant progress from a very difficult beginning and many significant difficulties throughout the proceedings does demonstrate that, with the right support and advice, if parents can put aside their differences and work together for the benefit of the children, proper progress and outcomes can be achieved.