Enabling a Mother to come to terms with children’s adoption

Sandria represented a Mother who had had two previous children placed for adoption. She had three supervision orders in place with these children, had failed to engage with professionals and was not able to demonstrate any measurable change.

The children were removed under police protection following an incident where the Mother was drunk, had fallen and suffered a broken leg. (The incident was video recorded by the attending police officers.)

In the circumstances, it was almost inevitable that a Care Order and Placement Order would be made, but through the process of the Final Hearing the Mother gained a greater understanding and was able to acknowledge why this was the best outcome for her children.

Sandria’s sensitive and non-judgemental support through the court process enabled her client to watch the video footage, acknowledge her behaviour and recognise her non-engagement with the significant support that had been available.  This also enabled her to make appropriate admissions and have more understanding of the results of her actions, whilst at the same time recognising that her childhood experiences and role models played a significant role in her ongoing difficulties, which needed to be addressed.

Sandria’s support also enabled her client to write to the Judge and to give her evidence in a calm and accepting way. She successfully secured ongoing support for her, and ensured that the children will be placed together, and that the Mother will be kept informed and engaged in the process leading to adoption. Sandria also obtained agreement to prospective adopters being asked to consider an open adoption, with the possibility of a once a year direct contact, providing the Mother continues to work with her therapist.