Ensuring a fair settlement for Wife to enable financial independence

Sophie acted for a wife in financial proceedings following a long marriage of nearly thirty years. The wife had remained living in the family home but sought a settlement that would enable her to purchase a property of her own. The wife was alleging intentional depletion of funds by the husband in respect of inheritance he had received immediately after the parties’ separation.

Throughout proceedings, the husband had been reluctant to provide the wife with any form of lump sum payment on the basis of financial contribution by virtue of repayment of the mortgage on the family home throughout the marriage and post-separation. The husband also sought to argue that his inheritance should be ring-fenced as it was acquired post-separation.

Whilst at Court for the final hearing of the matter, issues arose through which it transpired that there was significantly less equity in the family home that previously thought. Sophie was able to manage the issue effectively and provide updating advice to the wife in respect of her position.

Notwithstanding the developments at Court, Sophie secured the wife a lump sum payment of sufficient value to enable the wife to purchase her own property mortgage-free.