Helping a Father re-establish contact with a child in foster care

Marie represented a Father whose child had been removed from the Mother because of concerns about her parenting as a result of her mental health issues. He had not had contact with the child for several years because of the acrimony between the Parties and difficulties with the Mother abiding by agreements for contact.

The Father began having contact with the child and was assessed by an ISW, but he withdrew from the assessment when the child stated he did not want contact with either parent.

With Marie’s support and advice, the Father (as well as the Mother) made the difficult decision not to contest the Care Plans, and agreed with the plans for the child to remain in long-term foster care. The parents further agreed to have contact with the child as proposed by the Local Authority, once the child was settled and willing to attend contact. It was the expectation of the professionals that once the child knew that he was to remain where he was he would again want contact with his Parents.