Helping a Mother to provide stability for her children

Sandria represented the Mother in her application to alter the shared care arrangement made several months previously for two young children.

The Mother had convictions for ABH and a restraining order against her in relation to the Father, but had now successfully completed a number of courses and the freedom project.

In the meantime the Father had moved away but wanted arrangements whilst retaining the share care arrangement.

Working together with her client, Sandria was able to demonstrate that the Mother had moved on with her life, had taken full advantage of all the courses available and was now able to prioritise the welfare of the children. She argued that the welfare of the children demanded the stability and security that the Mother was able to provide now, and in the long term.

With Sandria’s support, her client was able to persuade the Court that the shared care arrangement should be changed, to that the children would live with the Mother full time, and spend time with the Father on alternate weekends and for half the school holidays. In additional all future schooling arrangements for both children were agreed, as well as the Court confirming that the Mother was able to apply for passports for her children.