Helping a troubled family to avoid foster care

Sandria acted for the Respondent Father whose children had been removed to foster care, as a result of the Mother suffering severe mental health difficulties.

Her client had been denied contact with his children for several years, despite private law proceedings. In addition, although no findings had been made, the Mother had made repeated allegations that one of the children had been sexually abused by the Father and another family member

Sandria’s honest and firm approach to giving advice enabled her to ensure that her client fully understand what was required to be in a position for the children to be placed in his care, and the levels of monitoring that would be in place, even after the children were placed with him.

Her client having a level of drug use, Sandria needed to ensure that he was absolutely clear as to what was expected of him – and the consequences of failure. Her firm but positive and encouraging approach meant that she could advise him effectively on how to manage the way forward and access and make use of all support packages available.

As a result of Sandria’s sensitive and positive representation, the Local Authority was persuaded to assess the Father and his new wife, and, subject to support and management of his drug use, will look to rehabilitate his children to his care

The Father was set up on a drug rehabilitation programme, and a package of support, including family therapy, was agreed to enable re-introduction of the children to him and his wife.