Jasraj Sanghera represents a Claimant in a Road Traffic Accident with the Defendant providing Dashcam Footage

Case Summary

Jasraj represented the Claimant in this matter which arose following a road traffic accident which took place on a roundabout. The Claimant maintained that the accident occurred as a result of the Defendant driving too quickly and then attempting to overtake on the roundabout. The Defendant, however, produced dashcam footage which appeared to show the Claimant drifting into the Defendant’s lane immediately prior to the accident. The Defendant said this caused the accident.


Despite the dashcam footage, Jasraj secured judgment for the Claimant on a split liability basis where the judge found that the Defendant was 75% to blame for the accident and the Claimant only 25% to blame. This was after the judge accepted submissions that the Defendant had driven negligently by not stopping before entering the roundabout, by driving too quickly around the roundabout and by not maintaining a safe distance between themselves and the Claimant.