Jasraj Sanghera represents the Council prosecuting for Environmental Offences

Case Summary

Two Defendants were charged with various environmental offences. In essence, the first Defendant was charged with permitting the second Defendant to deposit and dispose of controlled waste on his land without an environmental permit. The second Defendant was charged with depositing and disposing that controlled waste.


After Jasraj had discussions with the first Defendant’s solicitor, the first Defendant was advised to, and did, plead guilty.


The second Defendant maintained his not guilty plea, but was found guilty after a trial on the basis that there was photographic evidence of the second defendant collecting controlled waste from a local resident, and then a receipt of that local resident’s then being found amongst waste on the first defendant’s land.


Both defendants were ordered to pay fines and the Council’s costs. The second Defendant was also ordered to complete 120 hours of unpaid community service.