Maintaining contact with a child

Sandria represented a Mother through fact finding and final hearing in a case in which the child had suffered severe injuries. This was a sensitive and difficult case, as Sandria’s client not only accepted from the outset that she had failed to protect the child from significant harm, but also had drug abuse problems and was vulnerable to domestic violence.

The fact finding concluded that Sandria’s client remained in the pool of perpetrators, together with her then partner – who refused to attend despite evidence of a high level of domestic violence within the relationship

Sandria’s supportive and gentle approach, together with significant team work, enabled the Mother to accept responsibility for failing to protect the child. Following this she could move to a position where she was able to agree to her child’s placement where a stable and caring childhood was possible.

The Final Hearing resulted in a Special Guardianship Order to the child’s maternal grandparents, with a regular contact arrangement for the Mother. The Mother also made steps to address her drug abuse problems and her vulnerability to domestic violence.