Maintaining Husband’s property following Wife’s theft from company

Christopher acted for the Husband, who had a successful company. The Wife was an accountant and looked after the books. Over a 5-year period she had embezzled £250,000 from the company, which she used for online gambling. She was convicted of theft and a Confiscation/Compensation order was made for £190,000.

The company went into liquidation due to having significant debts. Creditors were left unpaid and any monies received by the wife from the matrimonial assets were to be used to pay compensation to the creditors.

The Wife’s half of a second home and her pension had already been realised to part pay the compensation order. The CPS were joined into the financial remedy proceedings as interveners. At a final hearing Christopher successfully persuaded the court that, contrary to the submissions of the Crown, due to the Wife’s conduct and Husband’s needs Christopher’s client should retain the family home.