Michael Batt represents Father in Care Proceedings for a 2 week old baby

Case Summary

New care proceedings in respect of two week old baby. Mother has four older children, some with different fathers, who are currently subject to ongoing care proceedings in London. The respondent father is not the father of any of these children. The LA’s concerns with regard to the other children are that they have been exposed to significant domestic abuse incidents which have involved the police. Although none of these allegations involve this respondent father the concern is that, due to his age, this young baby could be caught in the crossfire of a physical altercation and harmed significantly.

There is no plan to consolidate the proceedings.

Interim threshold has not been opposed and an ICO made.

Mother and baby have been placed together but out of area and mother is also concerned that the placement is not culturally suitable. The mother seeks to change placement but such a change could affect the father’s ability to join her in placement and also his contact.

The father is an asylum seeker and his status needs to be confirmed.

Paternity tests have been directed on all the fathers.

Further expert assessment of the mother may be needed.

Police disclosure and disclosure of documents between the two sets of proceedings still need to be dealt with.

Some viability assessments of possible alternative carers have been done, others are outstanding


The matter is now timetabled to an IRH (but may well require a FCMH in the meantime).