Michael Batt represents Mother is Public Care Proceedings

Case Summary

Care proceedings issued because of concerns over mother’s substance misuse, mainly alcohol.

Two children with separate fathers. Only one father known and involved in the proceedings. He also has issues with substance misuse.

Both children placed with grandparents, one with maternal grandparents and the other with his paternal grandmother, who were all positively assessed as possible Special Guardians.

The father accepted that he could not care for his child.

The mother sought the return of both children but, sadly, was unable to overcome her problems with alcohol and disengaged from the proceedings and failed to give final instructions. She was able to maintain some contact with both children supervised by the respective grandparents.

The father did not seek to care for his child but remained involved in the proceedings. He was also able to maintain regular contact with his child supervised by his mother.


Special Guardianship Orders made in respect of both children to the respective grandparents. No public law orders were made.