Michael Batt represents Three Children in Care Proceedings

Case Summary

Care proceedings in respect of three children aged between 3 and 6.

History of drug abuse and domestic violence between the parents resulting in neglect, poor home conditions and missed medical appointments. Concerns about both parents mental health resulting their own poor childhoods and need for long term intensive therapy.

Prior to final hearing the parents had separated but remained on good terms for the sake of the children. The mother had started to address her drug misuse but the father was still using.

The LA and Children’s Guardian were agreed that the children should not be separated and the care plans, despite the children’s relatively young ages, were for long term foster care with regular contact. The Guardian agreed with the care plans.


Following contested final hearing with evidence from LA, an expert psychologist, an ISW, both parents and the Guardian care orders were made and care plans approved for the children to remain together in long term foster care (hopefully in the same placement for the “foreseeable future”) in the hope that after receiving intensive and extensive psychotherapy the mother may be in a position to seek a discharge of care orders.